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Will My Dubai Debt Impact My UK Spouse?

Written by Jon Emge


Dear Jon,

I had a bank loan in Dubai along with credit cards as well. Recently I couldn’t afford to make the payments as well as covering the living expenses. The job was not secure as well so I left the country. I have a travel ban in place already and its only been 2 months since i have left. I am currently in my home country and will soon apply for a UK spouse visa.

Can I travel to other GCC countries?

Can they issue an international warrant for a total outstanding amount of AED200k?

Will it have an effect on my visa application to other countries?

Will the UK spouse visa be affected due to this?




I know and understand what you are asking, and also your concerns, and will try to answer your questions as best I can.

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To my knowledge, your UK spouse Visa will not be affected by debts in Dubai. Spouse Visa’s for now, are more concerned with your spouse showing they can support you, or if you already have a Visa and are working to support yourself.

Traveling to GCC countries is a question we have not had or heard issues with, but only for those traveling through, not going to stay. If you have a travel ban in place, my advice would be to not go there.

As to your question regarding Visa’s to other countries, I cannot say. Most countries do not inquire about debt(s) outside of the country you are seeking a Visa, and unless the debt is due to a crime, it usually is not an issue.

Warrants for debt alone, are not issued. A bold statement I know. But for 99.9% of the world, being in debt is not a crime.



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