Can I Get Into the UK or EU With a Bad Debt?


Dear Jon,

Back in 2014, I maintain a saving account with a bank in UK and I did not close it. Now 2019, I call the bank and found out that they have closed my account and I owe them gbp129 for charges. I do not stay in the UK. Is it ok for me to not to settle the debt? Will I get denied entry to the UK or EU for holiday? Or it will just blacklist me to open another account in Uk banks?




It is odd that the bank charged you fees for an account that was inactive, but then again some accounts did have monthly charges attached to them.

Which bank was it?

I ask as many banks once you explain your situation, living outside of the UK having moved, can and do waive the fees/charges. That may be a good starting point, contacting them regarding waiving the charges.

Even if they will not waive the charges, and I believe they will, and you choose not to pay the charges, it alone will not affect you coming back to the UK, or getting another bank account with another bank in the UK. Almost everyone is allowed a basic bank account here in the UK.



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