Will My Career Development Loan, HSBC Loan, and Other Debts in the UK


Dear Jon,

British Citizen, born in the UK, lived in Holland for High-School, moved back to the UK at 18 to study university and work. Resided in the UK 2012.

I have a Career Development Loan – which was later trasnferred to a debt collector. Upon leaving UK, I informed i was leaving and committed to pay off my debt. The last time I reached out I asked for a full statement of what have been paid off. I was not in agreement with this statement, but the debt agency wouldn;t buge, so I proceeded to ignore them. Later I found out that the Co-Op Bank had financial issues 2012/2013. (original loan GBP 4000) Not sure what was outstanding

I had an outstanding student overdraft on my HSBC account. I still get my statements sent to my mothers house in Holland, but I am no longer residing in the UK. I have also not paid this overdraft off and I am not sure what is the situation. (Overdraft amount GPB 1500) Not sure on the outstanding amount.

I believe I still had a credit card with the same bank. (Amount GBP 500) not sure on outstanding.

I believe I may have had an Orange phone contract (Not sure what happened there either).

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I am due to visit the UK very soon with my family.

Will I have any issues entering the UK?



For owing money or debts alone, you will not have any issues or problems coming back to the UK.

When was your last contact with any of your creditors?

I ask as after six (6) years of no contact by a creditor, a debt can become statute barred, which means it is no longer owed.

There can be a grey area as to when the six years begins, and also what is “contact”, but your accounts seem to be approaching or have approached this point.



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