FBL Associates Now Crown Legal Atlantic Says Reader

A reader sent in the following information, “FBL & Associates is now Crown Legal Atlantic in Morrisville Pa. Owned by Frank Lindner. 205 Floral Vale Blvd, Morrisville, PA 19067 (800) 443-0079.”

I believe the reader is talking about Frank Linder and FBL Associates that have appeared on the site before.

According to the State of Pennsylvania, Crown Legal Atlantic was registered as a fictitious name by a Frank Linder on October 4, 2017.

The listed address of the company at that time was 800 N. Delaware Avenue, #713, Philadelphia, PA 19123.

The State filing describes the company business activity as “Consumer advocacy helping client[s] get relief from payday loans or other debts.”

The Company is said to be owned by Frank Linder and Linder & Linder PC.

It appears the website of the company is crownlegalatlantic.com. That website lists the address of the company as 205 Floral Vale Blvd., Yardley Pa, 19067 and the telephone is (800) 443-0079.

The State of Pennsylvania does not list any disciplinary action against any attorney named Frank Linder. – Source

I could not find a website specifically for Linder & Linder.

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