California on Verge of Passing Debt Settlement Law That Protects Consumers

California is getting ready to pass AB-1405 titled “Fair Debt Settlement Practices Act.” Ironically, a number of settlement companies are located in California, Irvine in particular. Unless something magical happens the bill will pass. As it stands today, the bill has some serious consequences for settlement companies. This can be of no surprise to an … Read more

Something Crazy is Going on With Low Settlement Offers on NorthStar Collected Student Loans

If you have a Navient student loan that was being collected on or serviced by Northstar Location Services then this might be a unique window of opportunity to settle it for a low offer. There is some unknown underlying issue that is prompting the low settlements to be accepted. I have no idea what it … Read more

FBI Seeking Info on Titan Legal Processing or Titan Consulting Group


I can’t remember ever seeing anything like this before but the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is searching for consumers that have used the settlement company Titan Consulting Group that I’ve written about before. The FBI must be pursuing some sort of criminal activity investigation. Otherwise, why would they be involved? The FBI form says, … Read more

Supreme Court Makes Determination About CFPB But Seila Law Not Out of the Woods Yet

After all these years I can’t believe we are still dealing with the impact of Morgan Drexen in the debt relief industry. “Clients from Morgan Drexen were then shifted to Howard Law and/or Williamson & Howard. An asset freeze was put in place against those firms and/or attorneys and those attorneys were ordered to pay … Read more

Client Retainer Observation From Law Firm Offering Settlement

I was forwarded several documents by a tipster (send in your tips here) regarding the settlement services offered by Robert S. Gitmeid & Associates at 11 Broadway, Suite 1677, New York, New York 10004. It is a very nicely designed document. What caught my eye was the client’s budget. But let’s start with the services … Read more

Arete Financial Freedom Concern and Partial Win

Arete Financial Freedom was targeted by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a consumer watchdog agency, because of alleged abuses in their student loan assistance services. The court-appointed Receiver was attempting to sell off the settlement side of their business and the Arete position was apparently that they knew they blew it with their student loan … Read more

Alleged Debt Negotiation Services Representative Yells at Widow Who Just Wants Her Money Back – Listen

Please read the update below from Debt Negotiation Services. They deserve praise for the way they handled this issue and dealt with assisting the consumer to resolve the issue. Update 11-26-2019 AM From AFCC The AFCC has acted instantly and has issued the following statement that I received from Robby Birnbaum. I applaud the AFCC … Read more

Tip Leads to This Mess – Welcome to My Day

When I’m not answering reader questions I’m reading loads of documents, papers, and articles for research, I’m also dealing with an out of control inbox. The silence on the site is filled with work you will never be able to appreciate. Most of the tips I get never get published because I’m unable to verify … Read more

Inside Scoop From Creditors on Debt Relief Plans Like Credit Counseling and Debt Settlement

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released a very interesting report that paints a very different position on debt settlement than you might hear from say a credit counseling agency. While non-profit credit counseling agencies may talk down for-profit debt settlement companies, creditors seem to be embracing them. According to the CFPB, it appears a … Read more

WSJ Article Slays Debt Settlement Companies Using Personal Loan Offers to Bait and Switch

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article “That Offer to Make You Debt-Free? It Can Make You Worse Off.” I’ve long been critical that some personal loan offers being mailed to consumers are potentially a bait-and-switch tool to tell people they don’t qualify for a loan and instead are switched to an expensive debt … Read more