Debt Relief Attorney Goes Through Arbitration and Must Pay Back Fees to Consumer Over Student Loan Assistance

Attorney Chantel Grant probably feels like she was treated unfairly in a recent Florida Bar arbitration decision. I’m assuming she feels this way because she had to pay back a consumer $4,796 for student loan debt relief assistance. This assistance is said to have included many popular tactics to attack debt. These included “an aggressive …

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Is American Debt Relief Legitimate?

Readers have all the best questions. Inquiries if one or another company is legitimate are very difficult to answer. For the record, I’ve written about American Debt Relief in the past. You can see American Debt Relief posts here. The word legitimate is a lot like the word scam. You never know what exactly the …

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California on Verge of Passing Debt Settlement Law That Protects Consumers

California is getting ready to pass AB-1405 titled “Fair Debt Settlement Practices Act.” Ironically, a number of settlement companies are located in California, Irvine in particular. Unless something magical happens the bill will pass. As it stands today, the bill has some serious consequences for settlement companies. This can be of no surprise to an …

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Something Crazy is Going on With Low Settlement Offers on NorthStar Collected Student Loans

If you have a Navient student loan that was being collected on or serviced by Northstar Location Services then this might be a unique window of opportunity to settle it for a low offer. There is some unknown underlying issue that is prompting the low settlements to be accepted. I have no idea what it …

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FBI Seeking Info on Titan Legal Processing or Titan Consulting Group


I can’t remember ever seeing anything like this before but the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is searching for consumers that have used the settlement company Titan Consulting Group that I’ve written about before. The FBI must be pursuing some sort of criminal activity investigation. Otherwise, why would they be involved? The FBI form says, …

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