How Can I Get Legal Help to File Bankruptcy For Free?


Dear Steve,

Had accident last July 2018. Hospitalized from July to August. Transferred to rehab from Aug to Oct 2018. Lost mobility in legs .. could not walk until Sept. Therefore have not been able to work. Still had debts I’m responsible for but no income at the moment. Living with Son and his wife.

Can I file BANKRUPTCY through Legal Aid since I have no income to get a Fresh Start?



Dear Charlotte,

You would need to ultimately contact the Legal Aid provider in your state. But you may want to learn more about Upsolve. They are a non-profit group that helps people file bankruptcy for free.

However, keep in mind there are some fees, not charged by Upsolve, that you may have to pay. But there is no charge for an attorney, only court fees primarily.

As Upsolve says:

“If you’re paying the full $335 filing fee at once, make sure to have the cash ready to give to the Clerk’s Office all at once.

If you’re paying in installments, make sure to have your first installment payment ready. You should bring at least $100 to file, as some courts don’t let you make less than a $100 first installment.

If you’re applying for a fee waiver, Upsolve includes the fee waiver at the end of your packet of forms. It’s there, we promise. Your fee waiver may be denied, in which case you’ll have to pay in installments. Make sure to be alert to see if your fee waiver is denied. Some people get their case dismissed because they weren’t aware their fee waiver was denied.” – Source

You will also have to take an online pre and post-bankruptcy class. Everyone does. Upsolve says these classes will cost $14.95 and $9.95 respectively.

The Upsolve approach is very interesting because you are not alone, there is an attorney reviewing your filing and you have a lawyer who can answer your questions before filing.

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Upsolve has an Admirable History

Upsolve was born from the idea Harvard sophomore Rohan Pavuluri had. Pavuluri wondered why those who most needed to go bankrupt could not afford to hire an attorney to do so.

“Pavuluri pitched the idea of developing software to streamline Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings and won $20,000 in funding from Harvard and Yale Law School, including a $10,000 prize from the i3 Innovation Challenge, Harvard’s biggest technology pitch contest.” – Source

I’m sure some people have criticisms of the service Upsolve provides but based on my research, they appear to be a valid non-profit group that is winning funding and support from trustworthy people.

According to their last public tax return, their operational expenses are reasonable.

If you decide to try the services of Upsolve, I’d love to hear about your experience. Please post an update in the comments below.


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