I Might Have to File Bankruptcy Again But a Debt Settlement Company Wanted Me

Question: Dear Steve, Several years ago, I was so overcome with debt I filed for bankruptcy. Three years later, I find myself in the same situation, overcome with debt because it’s easy for most to get loans even with a bankruptcy. I opened an account with a “debt settlement” firm, but I’m still struggling to … Read more

I’m Being Sued Over a 20 Year Old Debt I Might Not Have Included in My Bankruptcy

Thinking wondering confused

Question: Dear Steve, I was contacted today by a law firm stating that they have a court case against me for a debt to Providian National Bank (Chase Bank) in the amount of $4695.24 from 08/31/2001. They state that the last known payment on this account was on 03/28/2002. I filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy … Read more