Corporate Debt Advisors – Consumer Complaint – August 9, 2019

Consumer Statement:

I hope this gets to the CEO of your company. I was contacted by a Dan Silver about representing me during a very hard time of our business and he explained to me the steps necessary to take to move forward in your process of helping and representing me with the lenders I am in debt with by my company.

I responded promptly to Mr. Silver’s requests because he wanted things done as quickly as possible. I understood the process and was told not to contact lenders (Done), open new bank accounts (Done), Send lender contracts and bank statements (Done), He told me an agreement would get sent to me once your company reviews the details.

He told me yesterday that once my company starts getting paid and revenue builds your agency would then reach out to the lenders and work out an agreement.

I understood all this but during a phone call later today this changed to I would need to have the first payment ready in a week or two.

I told him how is that supposed to happen when I had already told him I didn’t have any money and the money I am getting is tied up with bank fees and lenders still trying to get their money.

I told him that even if I opened up a new bank account I still need to send this to the health insurance companies that reimburse us for services, but this would take some time.

So I asked how was I supposed to pay the first payment of $4k. He kept on telling me that I need to come up with the money for the first payment in order for your company to provide the services you offered.

When I kept asking about this he kept changing the subject to the process he explained yesterday and today ignoring my question about the money for the first payment in the next week or two and he won’t be able to help me if I don’t make the payment.

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He insulted me by saying I have a lot going on, I need to calm down, maybe I should think about it for a day, tried to make it seem like I was the one that didn’t understand.

I was offended by the conversation and comments and felt like he was then more concerned about the money and not helping me.

He said at some point of the process I would speak with the CEO of the company and I would like to speak with the Ceo about this incident??

Consumer Action Taken:

Date This Problem Happened: August 8, 2019

State You Live in: CA

Race/Ethnicity: Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Corporate Debt Advisors

Company Address:

3333 S Congress Avenue, Suite 303
Delray Beach, FL 33445

Company Telephone Number: 800-691-7211

Website of Company: corporatedebtadvisors.com

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5 thoughts on “Corporate Debt Advisors – Consumer Complaint – August 9, 2019”

  1. Why is it a joke. Why would he spend at least an hour of his time writing this complaint. Obviously there is some truth being told here.

    • First of all there’s no company or attorney out there that will do pro bono work for a business owner in this position. Obviously this lady already defaulted on several loans and now CDA is supposed to believe that she will pay when the funds get released?! That doesn’t seem like a solid business model, paying attorney fee’s for potential clients that can just decide not to pay CDA after they get the money unlocked from their bank accounts…..


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