Your Driver License Data Can Lead Collectors to Your Door

An investigation by Motherboard has published details on how state Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) offices are selling data that is of a benefit to private investigators, collectors, and skiptracers who are looking for people.

I think many would assume the data you give to your state government DMV is secure but apparently it is not.

“Departments of Motor Vehicles in states around the country are taking drivers’ personal information and selling it to thousands of businesses, including private investigators who spy on people for a profit, Motherboard has learned. DMVs sell the data for an array of approved purposes, such as to insurance or tow companies, but some of them have sold to more nefarious businesses as well. Multiple states have made tens of millions of dollars a year selling data.”

This gives debt collectors new ways to track you down if you are trying to hide.

It’s one thing to not disclose your contact information to a collector but hiding it from the DMV can create knock-on problems including fines, penalties, and legal charges.

“The data sold varies from state to state, but it typically includes a citizen’s name and address. In others, it can also include their nine-digit ZIP code, date of birth, phone number, and email address.”

To read the full article, click here. It is an excellent piece of reporting.

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