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Tip Leads to This Mess – Welcome to My Day

Written by Steve Rhode

When I’m not answering reader questions I’m reading loads of documents, papers, and articles for research, I’m also dealing with an out of control inbox. The silence on the site is filled with work you will never be able to appreciate.

Most of the tips I get never get published because I’m unable to verify the insider information.

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So I thought I’d walk you thorough a cryptic tip. The latest tip I got that said “Tom Lynch AKA Tom Bradley” and it included a string of telephone numbers 714-321-6971, 800-659-4037, and 800-705-4850. The tip also gave an address of 18377 Beach Blvd, #211, Huntington Beach, CA 92648. Which appears to be that for a Kevin Tang with Tang & Amp Associates. – Source

I sure wish people that sent in tips were a bit clearer sometimes. It’s all without much meaning to me so I have to set out looking at the pieces.

The first bit about Tom Lynch is also known as Tom Bradley is not something I can confirm or have any reason to put any weight into the statement so we have to ignore that and put it in the “meh” column. Actually maybe it should be more into the “who cares” column.

The first telephone number I researched was 800-659-4037 and that took me to Phoenix Financial Solutions, LLC. It turns out I had posted something about Phoenix Financial Solutions previously.

Phoenix Financial Solutions says they are located at 13681 Newport Ave, Suite 8348, Tustin, CA 92780 and that also happens to be the same address as Financial Solutions Center.

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Both companies say they have an A+ rating with the BBB. While there are other companies with names similar to Phoenix Financial Solutions I could not locate a BBB listing for Phoenix Financial Solutions, LLC in California. I could also not locate a BBB listing for Financial Solutions Center, LLC in California.

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There is a listing for a Financial Solutions Consumer Center as the same address and it does have an A+ rating but the BBB rating lists the business address at 172 E Main St # 200, El Cajon, CA 92020-3910 and Thomas Lynch as president.

The State of California has no active company under the name Financial Solutions Consumer Center.

The website for Financial Solutions Consumer Center says they forward “consumers to attorneys nationwide.” Their site also lists the same Suite 8348 address. – Source

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I did locate an active corporation in California under the name Phoenix Financial Solutions that was registered on December 18, 2017. The agent for service is a Maryana Gomez and the address listed is the Suite 8348 one. The latest business filling also lists Thomas J Lynch as the CEO, president, manager and/or member of the LLC.

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The Financial Solutions Center says they are located in California and operate as Financial Solutions Center, LLC is actually suspended to do business in California. The agent for service is Jorge Pereira.

The last filing for the company was signed by Thomas Lynch.

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The name Maryana Gomez appeared on the site before along with Lynch in a Legal Helpers Debt Resolution article.

I could go on but as you can see from the limited tip I received, a Tom Lynch does seem to be associated with one of those telephone numbers, I’ve written about the two companies before, and I’m not sure what any of this winds up telling us that is important new information. But there went two hours of my day down a rabbit hole.

If you identify any error I may have inadvertently made, please let me know.

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