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In May of 2018 I caleld National debt relief in hopes that they could help me come up with a plan to pay down some of my credit card debt.

I had taken on a great deal of debt over the frew months prior to calling them in an effort to tsll my home. The repairs needed didn’t pan out and i could not sell, or recoup the money I spent.

I was not behind, but I was extremely concerned about this impacing my security clearance reinvestigation, which was coming up soon. I also worried that I would’nt be able to pay all my creditors if something unexpected happened, which was often the case as I’m a single mother with two small children.

I explained all of this to the NDR rep, and he told me that he thought their program woudl be a good fit. I shoudl also note that I only wanted to do somethign about my credit cards, but when he ran my credit he saw that I also had a $30k personal loan. He told me that I’d have to add that too if i wanted to jion their program.

They settled the first credit card within two months, proving they were capable. After that they did absoultely nothing, no matter how many times I called them.

For four months my credit unioni, who I had the loan with, kept taking the payment out of my account, I called NDR askign them if they’d help me, they refused, stating that I’d have to close my checking account and stop making a payment before they’d be able to help.

Eventually I did, I couldn’t afford to keep paying them and that loan. Four months later I got served.

What makes this so much worse is that they held all my deposits in my savings account for over seven months, and did not try to negotiate any of my other debts.

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In November, I had over $2000, which, per their contract ws enough to negotiate all but two of my debts, including the one of the three I ended up gettign sued for.

It was even enough to pay off one of my credit cards in full!

By January, I had enough money to pay off, in full, three of my debts, including the one that served me in March. By April, I had almost $7K in my account, but as soon as the judgement was settled (by the attorney’s, that they also made me pay a monthly fee for, which was one of the many fees they never disclosed) and they made the first payment, they cleaned my account completely out, taking almost $6,000, and then they took almost all of the next three deposits i made.

In addition, they then called me and told me I had to start paying $160 more every month claiming I didn’t have enough money to cover the judgements.

They didn’t divulge the fact that this was due to them taking my money for their fees. A month later, they called me and tried to get me to apply for a high interest debt consolidation loan. When I called to discuss my desire to cancel and have some fees returned, they told me that not only were they not going to return my money, but that i owed them another $2779!

Even if I believed they deserved to get paid for the three judgementts (which were due to their gross negligence), if I am interpreting the TSR correctly, they’re only allowed to take a proportion of their fees when you have multiple debts.

My total debt renrolled was: $57619, per their contract, they get 21% per settlement, that means they shoudl have only taken $1512.50 per debt, correct?

In addition, the TSR says THEY have to negotiate the settlement to collect fees, if an attorney not a part of NDR does, does that qualifiy?

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Do i really have a choice but to accept when sued?

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They negotiated my first credit card within the first two months, which only made this worse because they obviously can do this, they just don’t.

Date You First Used This Company: May 17,2018

Race/Ethnicity: White

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Age Range: 36-50

Company Name: National Debt Relief


11 Broadway Suite #1600
New York, New York 10004

>Phone Number: 888-660-7427

Web Site of Company: nationaldebtrelief.com

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