Can My Internet Provider Drop Me if I Only Send Them $1 a Month?


Dear Steve,

Internet service providers overcharging and extremely under performing. Paying $69.99 a month for 425mbs, highest speed ever on a speedtest is 70mbs.

If I pay only $1 a month on my isp bill, can they, spectrum, drop me? If yes, is there a minimum I can pay where it is illegal for them to drop me?

So sick of paying for what is, in the words of president Obama, an essential part of our life, the internet. It should be, must be, free to everyone and all ISP ceo’s need to be jailed without parole, or even use their own strategy of saving money….just shoot them all but burn their money in front of them first….OMG, I got goose bumps thinking about it. Oh, and broadcast it on their former networks….FREE!!! Can I get a WOOHOO!!! FREE THE INTERNET!!! Imagine how much more commerce would take place if it were free, instead of paying for internet, I can now buy more of whatever I want.



Dear Richard,

So let’s use the Spectrum example. If you purchase their service and default on the terms and conditions, you will be in default, wind up in collections, owe more with penalties and interest, have it negatively reported on your credit report, and potentially be sued.

The Spectrum terms and conditions say,” If partial payment is made of any bill and without waiving its right to collect the full balance owed, Spectrum will apply that payment to any outstanding charges in the amounts and proportions that it determines.”

“These fees are in addition to all past due charges and other fees. In the event collection activities are required, additional collection charges may be imposed.”

“Subscriber shall pay reasonable collection and/or attorney’s fees to Spectrum in the event that Spectrum shall, in its discretion, find it necessary to enforce collection or to preserve and protect its rights under these General Terms.” – Source

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Given the speed that you are receiving, it seems to make more sense to reduce the speed of service you are paying for or see if those speeds are technically available at your location.

Objecting to the service or performance you are receiving is ill-advised. But that’s just my opinion.


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