I Think I’ve Been Scammed by Flipom.com


Dear Steve,

I think I have been scammed by a company named Flipom.com I ordered an item from flipom .com on 5-10-2020 and haven’t heard anything about when or if my order has been shipped I tried to call and talk to someone at flipom .com but the message on the phone says no one is there due to the corona virus

How do I get my refund back? Or at least let this company know that I will not let them get away with taking my money by scammers!



Dear Julia,

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Flipom.com appears to be Shopify website underneath what you see. The site appears to sell clothing items.

If you have attempted to reach customer service, not received a response, and your order has not arrived within 25 days, you should contact your bank immediately if you used a credit card or debit card for payment. Talk to the card customer service people about filing a dispute or getting some help to reverse the charge.

Given the fact, the registrar of the website is located in China and the company says “all of our items are made in China”, and shipping takes 20-25 days I would guess the people behind the site are also probably located in China. The FAQ page does say, “sent from Hong Kong”.

That’s not really here or there except it may indicate that getting a quick resolution to your customer service problems may be hampered by whatever issues the company is facing locally on the other side of the world.

If you do get a response from customer service they give the following guidance on how long it takes to receive a refund.

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