Will My UK Debts Chase Me to Malta?



Bank debt of £25000.

I have debts of £25k with HSBC and Barclays.

What happens if I go back, after brexit, to my country (Malta) which is part of the eu. Will the debt follow me to Malta?

Will they be able to find me there?

Is a uk court order enforceable in Malta?

I’m looking forward to your reply.

Regards, Andy.



Just a few questions to help me better understand your situation. You can post your answers in the comments for me to see.

I am assuming you are working in the UK currently?

When the Brexit is complete, do you have to leave the UK? Could you get settled or pre-settled status through the EU Settlement Scheme to maintain the right to live and work in the UK?

If you have to leave the UK, or simply want to leave the UK, will you be working in Malta? Able to set-up some repayment plan to HSBC and Barclays?

Accounts or debts owed in the UK or EU, currently have agreements across borders to collect them, once the Brexit is final, some of these agreements may stay. There have been some agreements outlined, and others confirmed, but more on a commercial level, not on a consumer or personal debt level.

If you simply leave the UK, and do not inform those you owe, there is a possibility they will attempt to locate you to collect the accounts. They may also seek legal action via a CCJ here in the UK. A CCJ here in the UK is difficult if not impossible to enforce outside the UK. However, being a legal matter, you may wish to seek legal advice here or in Malta.

The accounts could be sold or assigned to a collection agency in Malta, where they could be collected there.

Have you discussed this with HSBC and Barclays to inquire as to options they may have?

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There is a lot going on in the world, Brexit, Covid, and banks and lenders have had to make changes to how they collect an account, and how they work with customers who may be experiencing financial difficulties.

I have spoken to a few different lenders, credit card companies, catalogues, and banks, and they are all offering some form of “payment holiday”, and some are freezing accounts to help those whose jobs may have been furloughed or recently lost.

Get back to me and we can look more at this.



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