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Elite Financial Solutions Went Missing and They Still Have My Money

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I have been with Elite Financial Solutions at 6278 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 since 2011. They have handled all my debt well.

I still have a few accounts to settle and have called them every three months for updates. Somehow I have been trying to call them since last week. Left voicemails, emails but I am not getting an answer…I am afraid that they may not exist anymore. The emails are not being bounced back and the calls continue to go on voicemail. Their website also still is active except if you want to send them a message through their website it is not possible.

How can I find out whether they are still active as they still have my money in their account



Dear Alexander,

The address for Elite Financial Solutions listed by the BBB is 6278 N. Federal Highway, #109, Fort Lauderdale, FL. That appears to be a UPS store address and not the actual business address. In fact, it is the address Elite Financial Solutions lists on their own website. – Source

According to the State of Florida, Elite Financial Solutions is actually E. F. Solutions registered in Delaware.

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According to the update just filed with the State of Florida yesterday, Jeffrey Wick is the president. – Source

But their website certainly has not been updated recently. Some of the sample debt settlement letters are 14 years-old.

It is looking more likely that the company is still around but for some reason, the customer service has fallen through the floor.

Rather than panic, I’d start following this guide of mine to attempt to get some answers. If you still feel your issue is unresolved, the guide will give you suggestions on who to complain to in an effort to escalate the matter.

Regarding who has your payment, it should be held by a third-party escrow company and not held by the company. Who do you make your monthly payments to?

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Post your answer and any updates in the comments section below.

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