They Say My Pay Will be Garnished and I Will be Arrested


Dear Steve,

They’re saying my paycheck will be garnished at 25% and that I’ll be arrested.

Is this a true email? fdcpa.debtrecovery.usa.nic@gmail.com



Dear Steven,

Take a deep breath. This sounds more like a scam than anything else for a few reasons.

First, the fact the email is coming from Gmail instead of a specific company makes me pause.

Second, you will not be arrested over an old debt. That is a frequent scare tactic that scammers use.

Third, your situation sounds a lot like this recent warning that the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions put out. The State warning says, “The callers often threaten legal action. Many of the callers claim to be attorneys or members of law enforcement.”

There are two possibilities here. The first is this is one of the many scam emails designed to frighten and scare consumers into paying a debt they don’t owe. They have been rampant. Especially if the debt in question was a payday loan or title loan.

Alternatively, if you feel the debt in question is one that you do owe, you can always inquire directly to the company that you owe the debt to.

The bottom line is you can investigate this further but don’t leap to think the horrible claims are true.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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4 thoughts on “They Say My Pay Will be Garnished and I Will be Arrested”

  1. I’m going to weigh in here. My clients call me literally daily, terrified because of this scam.

    If ANYONE, EVER, tells you that you’re going to jail, that they’re calling from the Court or the process server – IT’S A SCAM.

    Hang up. Ignore them. Fuggedaboutit.


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