I’m Supposed to be Served With a Summons Tomorrow at Work


Dear Steve,

Getting served tomorrow at my work supposedly according to a message left on answering machine.

Want to stop them from receiving a dime from me. Yes, I am bitter from past garnishments that I paid on for years not knowing that I could or had a chance to fight and win.

Trying to repair my credit and get it out of the 500s and dispute my debt owed to drop it also I have student loans that are starting to be sold off to 3rd party companies and also medical debt.

When receiving the summons I ask for a debt validation from the company firstly correct?

Are there different things to do depending on whether the debt is educational medical car loans etc? Should I find legal representation to fight this or should I attempt it on my own and continue researching and using my disgusted anger and frustrations to drive me.



Dear Dana,

I believe there is no substitute for experienced and talented professional advice.

If you are served, I would suggest you contact a local consumer attorney that is licensed in your state. One place to look for such an attorney is here.

It’s not clear if the message you got was valid or not. It sounds a lot like the spam calls going around trying to scare people into paying a debt you don’t owe. You can also go to the website of your county court system and see if a case has been filed against you.

Your assumption to not get ahead of yourself and let emotions drive you is a good one. Good job there.

There are not really different approaches to dealing with debt once you’ve been sued. At that point, you are actually dealing with the lawsuit and legal issues as the primary thing to deal with.

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There is no need to ask for validation from the summons. That is an issue you should raise as part of your defense. Talk to your attorney about that.

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It is possible to deal with building your credit back up but you will need to deal with those old issues. I would suggest you talk to my friend, Damon Day, and come up with an overall plan on a better path forward than just guessing or playing wack-a-mole as issues pop up.

Things will become much clearer when you are armed with a plan of action based on your overall situation.

Once you have a plan in place for how to tackle the old debt dragging you down, then you can also rebuild your credit.

Oh, and by the way, just today I was talking to someone about there is no need to get angry with the person serving you a summons. They are just a delivery person and have nothing to do with the situation.

We will get through this.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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