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Q: Is it legal for a mortgage company to all of a sudden demand a deferment balance from 10 years ago now, or will they foreclose on the home I am one month behind on the monthly payment? A: That sounds a lot like a balloon mortgage (a mortgage in which a large portion of … Read more

I’m Disabled and Being Sued About Past Due Credit Card Debt

Question: Dear Steve, I am being sued over a $2600 debt with CC company. I am fully disabled. My income comes from two sources, SSDI and private disability insurance. I know that SSDI is not garnishable, however, it’s unclear whether my private disability insurance is garnishable. Wisconsin statues regarding this matter at best are extremely … Read more

I’m Getting Sued by National Collegiate Trust and I Don’t Know What to Do

Question: Dear Steve, I’m being sued by National Collegiate Trust for $6345 and I don’t have a clue which loan this is in regards to or even the original guarantor for that matter. What are my options, rights in regards to this lawsuit? How can find out if this is legitimate? Answer: Dear Ann, I … Read more

How Can I Defend Myself Against a Creditor Lawsuit?

“Dear Michael, I am being sued by a debit collector on my unpaid credit card balance. I disagree on the amount I owe because I believe the interest rate was 3.99% for the life of the loan. The interest charges, late fees, etc. comes to a lot more than I believe is right. I plan … Read more

Picking the State You Live in Based on Debt Collection Protection

“Hello Michael, I would love to get some info on being sued in a state where you don’t live. I am close to the point where I stop paying my credit cards and wait out the 5-6 month to try to get a settlement. The total credit debt is 100K (some business cards some personal). … Read more

I’m Being Sued Over My Private Student Loans in Florida

“Dear Steve, I graduated college in 2006 with an incredible private student loan debt. After working for over a year with the company I simply could not afford their ridiculous payments, I tried everything I could. In the end, the loans went into default and I’m sure were sold several times over since. I have … Read more

Why Debt Collectors Dismiss Lawsuits All The Time

“Dear Michael, While searching for information about myself online, I find out that I am being sued by a debit collection agency. I live in CA and have never received a formal complaint or summons from Livingston Financial LLC. Can Livingston Financial LLC or any collection agency do this without proper notification. Based on the … Read more

Chase Bank Let Me Open a Credit Card. I Have Not Paid in 4 Years. Now I’m Getting Sued. – Lawrence

“Dear Steve, About 3 or 4 yrs ago Chase Bank, let me open a credit card with a line of credit for $1,300.00. We’ll at that time I had a decent job and figured I could afford to use it. Shortly after I lost my job and was not able to make payements. Now 4 … Read more