Advantage Preferred Financial Settlement Mailer Raises Questions

A great reader sent in a mailer they received from Advantage Preferred Financial.

This is a quick review of the mailer a consumer received from this debt relief company.

I did chuckle by the first line in the mailer, “Finally, a program that gives you all of the benefits of debt consolidation without having to take out a new loan or pay the high interest fees.”

The mailer is for a settlement program and saying that approach is new is so far fetched. People have been settling debt since the very first loan was made thousands of years ago.

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Advantage Preferred Financial

Clearly, this is for a debt settlement program. It actually starts with “Settle your debts for less than you owe.”

And the starting pitch is that this approach is better than a loan. So imagine my surprise when I visited the website for Advantage Preferred Financial and saw that the focus of their site appears to be loan programs.

Their website says, “Advantage Preferred Financial can help facilitate a loan or installment program that can help you consolidate all of your high interest credit cards into one lower, fixed payment program. If your monthly minimum payments are becoming difficult to pay or your interest rates are just too high, then a debt consolidation loan or program might be the answer you have been looking for. Our lenders and companies have many programs – even if you have less than perfect credit.”

So you can see why I’m confused.

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Advantage Preferred Financial says they are located at PO Box 86, Plano, Illinois. Oddly, the State of Illinois does not have a business registered under that name.

So when I did a search for the address I found I had actually published a previous post that had the same PO Box 86 address.

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Something seems a bit odd here.

I would recommend that anyone considering using such a company should read the following free guides.

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