Option 1 Legal – Company Review Form – January 4, 2021

Please describe the service you received from this company.

I paid them $11,484.00 over and 18 month period, with nothing to show for it. They never contacted the 2 collection agencies to settle my accounts. I responded to a mailer from Option 1 Legal for debt consolidation. I signed up for the program on June 14, 2019.

They have deducted $638.00 from my checking account every month until December 18, 2020, a total of 18 months. I have paid them a total of $11,484.00 and having nothing to show for it. Of the $638.00 they deducted $10.95 transaction fee, $89.00 administration fee, $351.57 Service Fee which left a balance of $186.48 towards my settlement account.

They have made a total of $8,127.36 in fees, I have a total of $2,988.69 in my settlement account. When I enrolled in the program I was making the monthly minimum payment and never missed a payment to my creditors.

My credit rating was 824 at the time of my enrollment it is now in the 500’s. I was told by Michael, my smooth talking financial advisor/salesman to stop making payments, do not respond to creditors phone calls or letters and they would represent me and negotiate a lower debt amount with my creditor.

On January 25,2020 I emailed copies of the two debt collectors letters to Option 1 Legal so they would know who to negotiate with. I have since contacted both debt collectors and neither one has had any communication with Option 1 Legal, they never received a power of attorney letter and did not know I was being represented by Option 1 Legal.

I was served a summons from the municipal district court of Illinois on November 25, 2020 for my debt amount plus court costs. I am now representing myself in this matter. I am now paying 50% of my original debt with monthly payments made directly towards my creditors all done in two phone calls.

On December 18, 2020 I spoke to Rashawn a supervisor, asking for a refund because NOTHING had been done on my behalf. He said he would need to speak with his supervisor Djinefa to review my file. Djinefa said she would respond no later than December 28, 2020 because she needed to review with her supervisor Natoia.

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I just received a check for $2,548.12 which was the amount in my settlement account. That amount is incorrect because on December 18, 2020 when Rashawn canceled my enrollment the amount in my settlement account was $2,988.69.

Option 1 Legal deducted another $440.57 from my settlement account after I was out of the program. I have asked for specifics about who they had been communicating with, what kind of response had they received and who was the actual person representing me.

I did not get and answer to any of my questions. Option 1 Legal is a scam who promises you results in your favor and delivers nothing. I went into the program feeling relieved and optimistic and 18 months latter I have more debt because of court costs and humiliated because I fell for Option 1 Legals fraudulent claims.

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Date You First Used This Company: June 14,2019

Race/Ethnicity: White

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Age Range: 51-65

Company Name: Option 1 Legal


10440 Little Patuxent Parkway Suite 300
Columbia, Maryland 21044​

Phone Number: 855-539-8462

Web Site of Company: option1legal.com

On a Scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best, what overall rating would you give this company?:

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