I Can’t Refinance My Mortgage Because they Say It is Non-Home


Dear Steve,

The loan was modified Added 10 years to the loan, and the interest rate is 9.9%. All attempts to refinance are just acts and an attempt to get me to sign a “non-home” mortgage.

I did have a fixed-rate mortgage, and now it’s a variable rate. Very seldom do they pay any on principal. My credit score was 723, but every attempt to refinance is rebuffed.

They act like they want to do it but find reasons not to. Like they can’t do it with concrete floors (I bought it this way), and for months, they tried to sell me flooring.

Is selling me floors after they turned down refinancing legal. I do not trust them.

What’s a non-home loan?

Why am I paying such a high-interest rate? Is charging me a credit insubord of 20.000.00 legal? I was lied to when I purchased the home originally. I was told the bank wouldn’t finance the whole amount, so he took out 2 loans.

After he told me how lucky I was because in his day, “a woman couldn’t buy a house without a man.”



Dear Diane,

That last bit about being lucky is just offensive. What a tool that person is.

I can only go by what you’ve shared. I’m wondering if they consider your concrete floor home to be a commercial building. That’s the only explanation why it would be classified as a “non-home” structure.

I could go on and on here, but the prudent thing to do would be for you to talk to a mortgage broker in your area and not that idiot. A mortgage broker represents several different lenders and loan programs and is not wed to one source.

Please find a local mortgage broker, talk to them, and then report back to me in the comments section below.


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