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Q: Is it legal for a mortgage company to all of a sudden demand a deferment balance from 10 years ago now, or will they foreclose on the home I am one month behind on the monthly payment? A: That sounds a lot like a balloon mortgage (a mortgage in which a large portion of …

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My Mother Died with a HELOC Balloon Payment Due

Question: Dear Steve, My mother has severe Alzheimer’s, and I am her legal Guardian. When she was starting to get Alzheimer’s, she charged up her credit card to the point that it would have never been paid off. When I found out about it, I decided not to spend all her money to pay for …

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A Bunch of Attorneys Couldn’t Stop Ocwen From Foreclosing on My Home

Question: Dear Steve, Part 1: Reaching out for help July of 2007, I made a loan of seven hundred thousand (interest only) with IndyMac Mortgage Service. I secured the loan with my property which is a duplex. My family and I live in one unit and the other unit rented out. I borrowed this money …

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