Student Loan Debt a Factor in Woman Robbing Parent Teacher Group?

An Arizona woman, who was also a cafeteria cook at Monte Vista Elementry School in Arizona was appointed treasurer of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Seems she was more than just a cook in the kitchen because she had a special recipe to cook the books as well.

PTOs help parents and schools work together. However, they are not a part of the school, they are independent, and the school provides no oversight.

According to public reporting, Jeani Crosson became the appointed treasurer of the Monte Vista Elementry School PTO in June of 2017.

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However, what was most likely not known at that time was that Crosson had debt owed to National Collegiate Student Loan Trust (NCSLT) that was still owed after filing for bankruptcy three years prior.

Crosson’s alleged crime spree started in August of 2017 and continued until the poorly managed accounting records were uncovered.

It is said she started by taking withdrawals out of the account at the bank or with a debit card and ended with just not depositing money into the bank account. Who needs all that in between busy work.

I admit it is impossible to know for sure what motivated the PTO treasurer to begin her troubled ways but certainly having that NCSLT debt hanging over her head was not helpful. I imagine when NCSLT sued the couple in July 2018, the pressure ramped up.

In 2019, new PTO officers joined and soon discovered some financial irregularities. That must have been a big OH S*%T moment when it sunk in.

Reporting says, “Police records show the new treasurer discovered that “funds had been withdrawn from the (PTO) account during the summer months when school was not in session and when the PTO was not active.” Talk about leaving a clue.

You can read more about this situation through the excellent local reporting here and here.

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