Will I Be Arrested in Dubai For My Debts? I Have a Flight Connection to Make There? – Sheikh

“Dear Steve,

I was in dubai for more than 15 years, and had to leave dubai in pain and on sad grounds due to sever financial hit and serious family matters. I had bank loans and credit cards which I could not manage to pay for 6 monts nnow and tha banks kept on calling. I wanted to go back to dubai as I have a job offer, but the banks have already filed a police case against me. I also want to start paying back to the banks and card companies, but the situation the banks has created and the law of dubai does not give me strength and I am helpless. Now since I have got a job in USA and I am scheduled to travel to new york my flight is via dubai and I am very scared. I have seen people dieing in dubai jails and they dont even let your relatives know what has happend to you.

Just want to know that if I have bank loans and credit card loans in dubai, and Ihave left Dubai almost 8 months now. I am scheduled to travel to USA and my flight is via dubai. Will I be arrested at the airport as my next connection is only after 3 hours


Dear Sheikh,

The consumer debt situation in Dubai is archaic. Yes, people do go to jail in Dubai for debts and I think you should take the issue seriously knowing you have a police case against you. Will you be arrested on your layover to New York, quite possibly.

I am sure that the border control agents in Dubai will make an attempt to check you out as you pass into the country. Nobody has any way to know if they will detain you and arrest you.

The Dubai jails are full of debtors and I’ve not heard of one of them dying from their stay. As crazy as this sounds, the quickest way to clear your debt in Dubai is to actually go to jail. Most go for only a couple of weeks, some a month or so. It really depends on how much debt you have. I’ve even heard the story of one person that used their holiday leave to go do their jail time so their boss never knew.

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The advantage of going to jail is when you get out, the debt is cleared. It is almost like the advantage of bankruptcy available in many other countries. In Dubai, bankruptcy is spelled j-a-i-l.

The smart move would be for you to contact a lawyer in Dubai and work out a solution to clear your debt as quickly as possible or to get specific legal advice about your upcoming border crossing.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.
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  1. Currently, for a defaulting your loan amount, the police case can be made with 3 unpaid installments. That can be cleared by paying an amount ranging from 3000-50000 to clear the bounced cheque depending on your loan amount. Then the bank can file a civil case and you will be blocked from travelling. If you still don’t pay your dues, you can be jailed for AED100/day repayment. So if you have a loan of 100,000, you will spend 3 years in jail until your loan is cleared or you may be pardoned during Eid or National day and loan paid by the government. I don’t know if you will be cleared to work again in UAE, but for sure you will be black listed for life from any loan.

  2. The Best Airport to Transit to Europe or any other countries is Ethiopia – We cannot accept that now Dubai and Emirates are heading with a monopoly situation regarding passengers in Transit with the risk of being arrested for minor case while you were staying in UAE.
    Abu Dhabi police is a total mess and on top of that they dont not speak English

  3. Hi Armin, Thank you for your supportive advise. I am already in NYC now. How your friend got arrested? Was he also suppose to pay to the banks? How much was his loans? I know for the fact now that all the airlines are using advance passenegr informafortion system, and this is something UAE is using to target people. Infact this system is for aviation security and to stop terrorism. But UAE is using it harrassing.

  4. Avoid emirates or dubai next time i know a friend that got arrested in dubai when he was on transit. They in fact do random checks and are implementing new systems to find people on the wanted list.

    He has been in jail for more than a year and is waiting his trail/jail sentence since the courts are over way to busy.

  5. hi steve, true it was.I was in transit for 4 hours, but it was very stressfull that each minute. 100 times I ckecked my watch and just wanted to board and sit inside the aircraft.But realised one thingthat it is safe to transit via dubai than cross the immgration. Thank you for all your support and advise.



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