Giving Away $100. Tell Us Your Plan For Dealing With Holiday Bills.

My friend Matt Jabs (@MattJabs) who writes the excellent site Debt Free Adventure and I were talking the other day and one of us said, “You know what, we should run a contest and give away $100 to one of our readers who can tell us how they are going to deal with holiday bills.” And I guess that’s how good ideas accidentally happen.

Now Matt and I don’t see eye-to-eye on all subjects, but friends don’t have to. But we were curious how our friends and readers of our individual sites that may also share different perspectives are planning to deal with the holiday bills.

I’ve been helping people for so many years now I know that January will bring the holiday bill shock. No matter how much you’ve tried to hold back, the bills are coming, yes they are. Maybe someone you know will be letting out the “I spent what?” retort about mid-January.

But Matt and I would like to know what your plan is for dealing with them? Are you going to pay them off quickly? Maybe you’ll cut back saving and focus on knocking the bills out? Or maybe you planned ahead and you don’t have any post-holiday bills arriving.

So Here’s How You Can Win $100

All you have to do is post a comment below on this article and tell me how you plan to deal with your holiday bills and post a comment on Matt’s post Dealing with Holiday Debt and a $100 Giveaway and tell Matt how you plan to get back on your own debt free adventure by nuking the holiday bills.

I nominated Matt to pick one person that commented on both articles by January 15, 2010 and that lucky person will get $100 via PayPal on January 16, 2010 to spend, anyway they want.

Hey, maybe you’ll use part of it to pay off some bills. Nah, go blow it and have some fun, you deserve to.

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  1. Holiday bills just don’t have to be a serious debt problem for anyone!! Set aside an amount of money for Christmas gifts and budget the amount spent on any one gift and stay within that budget. Afterall, we need to realize the reason for the season first, and plan ahead to have some ready cash , on hand, just in case an emergency can happen in the year following the Christmas season that has just passed..The economy today, is in real trouble, and the choice is totally yours, to become a victim of the “money crunch” for another New Year. Welcome to the real world!!!! 


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