I Live in Guatemala and I Can’t Pay My Credit Cards. – Jose

“Dear Steve,

Hey, i live in Guatemala and i have a credit card with limit of 1k US dollars, i had use around $800, i have another one with limit of $500 wich has used around $300 i was paying around twice the minimum fee every month but then the construction company that i worked for had a problem with their payments (they work with the goverment) and we, the employees, did not receive our payments for like 5 or 6 months and when we did we received it in small payments until they were paid completely, so i was not paying anything to the credit card company for those 6 months then i made the little payments i could, after that i went to mexico for a few months to work with some relatives and didn’t have much luck making the money i needed to pay my debt so.

i already went to a couple of banks asking for a loan but i get the same answer that i have that bad credit and i can’t get the money to pay my debt, right now all i know is that a different company is handling my account and that they will take my salary if i get a job, i’m 26 and i really didn’t care to much about that not so big debt because i thought i could gather the money to pay in full but i haven’t been able to do so…

i haven’t call the new company because i’m afraid of them… when i got back i found a letter saying that i was being sued and that i couldn’t leave the country until the debt is settle, also that they would take any valuables i have and my paycheck (i’m not sure of the english word for that in spanish is “embargo”) so i’m not working right now but i want to know what i am able to do right now? can i get a job while having that? or do i need to settle that before i could apply for a job?


Dear Jose,

What banks are these credit cards with? Were they taken out in the U.S. or in Guatemala?

If you can give me an answer I can give you a better idea on what to do.


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  1. Hi, I got the cards from a local Bank of America and another one called promerica (both here in Guatemala), I decided to post here on your site because if the bank procedure or deals are not the same as in the USA maybe you could point me in a way to fix it, I have also consulted with a lawyer and i found out that a couple of the court letters are fake so I’m still trying to sort out the debt.

    I really appreciate your time, a big thank you!


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