Dave Burke of Real Talk Network – “Say What?” Financial Freedom Workshop

I’ve written about Dave Burke before and his Real Talk Network show before. I’m intrigued of his offer since I’m getting questions from people that went to the free seminar and wound up in collections as a result of buying into the sales pitch at the seminar.

So I decided to give Dave Burke a shot and spend an hour listening to his latest show. You can listen below.

The result of my listening to the show is that I have wasted an hour of my life. At the end of the hour there was not one piece of constructive information offered. The whole radio show is nothing more than a sales pitch and a lot of it just didn’t make any sense. It seems all designed to get you to attend a seminar and then signup to pay a lot of money for services. And of most concern are the questions I’m getting about people that have fallen for the pitch and have now been sent to collections.

My advice, if you or anyone you know wants to go to one of these seminars and pay for these types of services, DON’T!

If you want to see what a sales pitch looks like to separate you from your money, watch this.

Before you fall for the whole gimmick that you can actually raise your score by opting out of credit offers, it’s just not true. My friend Gerri Detweiler wrote about this fiction back in 2007. Here’s what she said:

“I checked with Craig Watts, spokesperson at MyFICO, he told me they have received the same question recently as well. Clearly it’s one of those credit boosting gimmicks that is floating around.

Craig confirmed my understanding, however, that opting out in and of itself will not help your credit score. The FICO score doesn’t even know, much less take into account, the fact that you have opted out.” Source

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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