I Was Scammed by Prime Solutions for $10,000


Dear Steve,

I was scammed by Prime Solutions for over $10,000. I only found out when I received a letter to appear in court for not paying off the debt.

Can I ever get back the money I lost? How?



Dear Susan,

It appears that Prime Solutions has appeared on the site in the past.

Since the word “scammed” is such a broad word and can mean different things for different people I recommend the first step you should take is an attempt to resolve any issue directly with the company. I put together this guide to help everyone that feels dissatisfied with the service they’ve received from any company. See How to Try to Get a Refund From a Debt Relief Company.

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The BBB listing for the company demonstrates how erratic BBB ratings can be for people to depend on.

The BBB gives Prime Solutions an A+ rating but customers give them 1.56 out of 5 stars.

According to the Prime Solutions website, they described themselves by saying, “Prime Solutions, a document preparation company, delivers a fusion of solutions that encompasses consumer protection document challenges throughout the United States. Prime Solutions was developed from the viewpoint of the consumer, focusing on compliance, customization, consumer support, dashboard report capabilities, unparalleled speed, and the flexibility to adjust as the industry changes.”

Even their own description of what they offer doesn’t mention any debt services, “A Comprehensive document menu offering a complete set of standard consumer protection documents. Ability to add custom or proprietary documents to satisfy custom requirements that will meet rigid timelines. Provides a real-time document delivery system, saving time by closing process gaps that will create efficiencies to maximize productivity. Our client success stories make us proud that we are fulfilling our mission on a daily basis. We’d like to add you to the list of satisfied clients and look forward to speaking with you soon.” – Source

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I’ve got my fingers crossed that you will follow my guide on addressing your customer service situation in an orderly way and giving the company a chance to respond positively. I hope they do so we can prise them for resolving the situation in a way where both you and the company are satisfied.

Please come back here and post an update in the comments below with the results and how Prime Solutions dealt with your customer satisfaction issues.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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