Core Pac Solutions, the Foreclosure Rescue Company, to Close Doors Momentarily

So there’s this company, Core Pac Solutions that promised to be a big help if you were facing mortgage trouble.

Let us share with you how we can help. For most Americans your most important purchase and most valuable investment is your home. When experiencing a financial hardship and the threat of losing your home, protecting your most expensive investment is one of the most important things you can do. You don’t have to do this alone. We can help out with understanding how loans work and the options that are available to you. This is the first step in protecting your investment and taking charge of your future. (From the Core Pac site)

Well a former employee of Core Pac has been emailing me and giving me a bit of a scoop on this foreclosure rescue company. The employee says the person from Core Pac Solutions I mentioned in the comment on this article, Cornell Wallace, the manager of Core Pac was “fired for stealing from the company – one of the MANY crooks that made their way into Core Pac.”

If you worked with Core Pac solutions and you are waiting for them to save your home from foreclosure or get your loan modified, don’t hold your breath. The same employee said “It bothered me to know that, because the company was going under, that a lot of our clients would never see the money that was to be refunded to them.”

The employee that contacted me at click here said that others were laid off as well. “I actually didn’t leave – I got laid off. I knew our days were numbered so it was no big surprise.”

“As far as the lawyer [Stephen E. Heyn & Associates], he is real. We met him shortly after the company started. However, why he allowed us to use his name on our documents is beyond me. Perhaps he never really knew what was going on.”

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So in closing, unless there is some magic resurrection and divine intervention the end is probably near for Core Pac. I’m enclosing a final picture of what will probably become their former web site below.

Core Pac Solutions
Core Pac Solutions Web Site


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