Should I Use a CCCS Service to Help Me With My Debt?


Dear Steve,

I am $25,000 in debt. I gross $60,000. Should I use CCCS services or try to do this on my own? I’m overwhelmed, single mom, two kids, mortgage. I have no breathing room left. The very card is maxed, and now with interest, I will be over my limits.

Should I use an agency like CCCS to help me?



Dear Kelly,

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The honest answer is, maybe. However, you are asking the wrong question and focusing on which tool to use before knowing the problem. The debt is the symptom and not the true issue.

Credit counseling is one of the most common solutions to dealing with debt, but so is bankruptcy, debt settlement, and maybe some other type of negotiation.

Debt is not much more than math wrapped in emotion. You currently have a life stress event caused by the pressure you feel from the no breathing room situation.

It is not uncommon for people to leap for magic assumed solutions rather than understand the overall situation to make that kind of pressure and stress go away.

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To get a better idea of what might be the better tool to use to deal with your debt in your specific situation, I would suggest you talk to my friend Damon Day, an exceptional debt coach.

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