Credit Counseling

My Elderly Mother is Struggling in Credit Counseling. What About Bankruptcy? – Tracey

Sad Elderly Lady

“Dear Steve, My mother is 77 years of age. Her memory is no longer the best for her finances and she gets confused as to who gets paid what and how much. the debts, even though she doesn’t even use the cards but one walmart for groceries the interest rates and payments have gone over the roof so to speak. ... Read More »

    Can I Ditch Golden State Debt Management and Save Money? – Art


    “Dear Steve, I am using the Consumer Credit Counseling program with Golden State Debt Management. It involves me allowing them to deduct $625 per month from my checking account. In total, they keep about $125 in fees each month. High. But even including those fees, I’m still saving $90 / month versus the astronomical interest I was paying before. (The ... Read More »

      Clear One Advantage and ACCC Both Say They Can Help Us With Our Debt. – Ty


      “Dear Steve, My wife and I have a combined debt of 75,000.00. A large part of this is due to using credit cards when I was out of work for a year and a half. This was 4 yrs ago. We are current on all of our debt but find that we are just getting by paycheck to paycheck. We ... Read More »

        How Can I Sue CCCS of Greater Atlanta and CredAbility? – Eve

        help woman

        “Dear Steve, In February 2009, I entered into a Debt Management Plan with CCCS of Greater Atlanta. I contacted CCCS of Greater Atlanta, now CredAbility, today and requested documentation of those six deposits and the disbursement of same. I received by e-mail a document indicating that $2,057.00 was received and $2,057.00 was disbursed to my creditors, however, further documentation provided ... Read More »

          I’m Unemployed. Does a Debt Management Plan Make Sense? – Andrew


          “Dear Steve, I ran up my credit card to almost 21k after losing my job. I’ve been making payments until this month – in a couple days payment is due but I have no money. I’m now on welfare and food stamps, but have a little money coming soon from computer editing work I’m doing currently. I’ve thought about a ... Read More »

            US Council for Consumer Debt Relief Claims They Can Help Me. – Tracie

            Big Scam Dog

            “Dear Steve, I have constant mail about my finances as I have never contacted anyone. I recieved a letter from U. S. Council for Consumer Debt Relief saying I had qualified to participate in this Mon Profit 501c-3 creditor sponsored program. It says they are not affiliated with debt settlement and NO COST to enroll 888-593-6097. Says they will decrease ... Read More »

              Our Credit is in the Crapper. Should We Go With MMI? – Nannie

              shopping addiction

              “Dear Steve, I am contemplating whenter or not I should sign up with MMI–Our credit is in the crapper, due to over 4 years of underearning. I finally got a job, my husband’s job is also steady and still we cannot manage. I had to take a long look at things and realize that we need extra help in terms ... Read More »

                Will Going With Clearpoint Credit Counseling Lower My Credit Score? – Mia

                Drive Carefully

                “Dear Steve, I have trying pay off my credit cards for some time and tired of not paying them off. I looked into Clearpoint debt management but I’m worried. I have good credit 740. I have a total of 4 cards with most close to maxed out. Clearpoint says they can lower interest on cards by closing them all and ... Read More »

                  Do You Trust ClearPoint to Get You Out of Debt? – Nancy

                  Elder Care

                  “Dear Steve, i’m a single disabled sick mom making only 1842 monthly on disability and in 2 yrs. i lose my son’s portion which will bring me down to an income of about 1200; i have a house with an 8.5 interest rate and about 28,000 in credit debt and some medical bills and ongoing health issues; i spoke with ... Read More »

                    We Got Rejected for a Credit Card Because We Had Been in Credit Counseling. – Lyna

                    under construction

                    “Dear Steve, I just finished paying off my credit cards thru credit counseling, bought a house. I then applied for credit card, got denied due to being in credit couseling. How long should I wait to re-apply again? In the mean time, what could i do to erased the credit counseling on my report? Lyna” Dear Lyna, When you enroll ... Read More »

                      How Do I Consolidate My Credit Card Debt Into One Payment? – Michelle


                      “Dear Steve, I would like to consolidate my credit card debt into one payment to lower my payments and can see a end date. What is the best way to do this and what company can help? I don’t have extra money to pay down. Michelle” Dear Michelle, That’s hard to tell just based on what you shared. But let’s ... Read More »

                        Is InCharge Debt Solutions a Good Idea to Go With? – Jess

                        Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 9.46.53 AM

                        “Dear Steve, Trying to consolidate credit cards need advice on a consolidation company. My husband and I are trying to consolidate his credit cards to lessen the interest rates and hopefully pay off the credit cards a lot sooner then by paying each credit card company individually. We are looking into In Charge Debt Solutions ( ) and wondering ... Read More »

                          A New Horizon Credit Counseling Services Vanished With My Money

                          Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 11.54.52 AM

                          “Dear Steve, I had been a client of A New Horizon Credit Counseling Services for 4.5 yrs. I would have paid off all my debt in February. About a month ago we got word that they were turning over their accounts to Consolidated Credit Counseling. I filled out the Docu-Sign document to transfer the account over to them. This all ... Read More »

                            Wells Fargo Referred Me to Take Charge America for Credit Counseling Help. Should I Go With Them? – Charlotte

                            Ready to Collapse

                            “Dear Steve, Can I trust Take Charge America? I had read a little bit about Take Charge America on your site. I noticed they had filed a lawsuit with the IRS and laid off employees, but my creditor Wells Fargo referred me to them, so I completed what they call a financial assessment. I gave them all of my credit ... Read More »

                              Trinity Debt Management Was Recommended at a Church Meeting. Are They Legit? – Theresa

                              Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 10.02.47 AM

                              “Dear Steve, My cousin has a credit card with Best Buy, it has a very high interest rate and she wants to lower it. She has gone to one of her church meetings and this company (Trinity Debt Management ) was recommended to her. Is this a reliable business? It seems to me that they charge her a fee of ... Read More »

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