My Experience with LPG Coast Processing is Totally Unacceptable


Dear Steve,

My question is, I signed up for the service w/ LPG (formerly Coast Processing-CP) in July 2020, after the CP agent promised me that CP/LPG would be able to resolve my debts by validating them.

The agent said if validation fails, they will consolidate with creditors using the money that I paid every month.

I paid $550-830 every month. It’s only in Apr.(6 months into the program), things started to get suspicious about/LPG as I find it extremely difficult to talk to anybody.

The communications are beyond frustrating to contact them! Extremely disappointed, I emailed LPG on 9/2 that I wish to cancel and request a full refund of $7000 and a non-representation letter be sent to the lawyer of one creditor.

After five days, they finally called me saying they couldn’t refund my money and issuing a non-representation letter would take another two weeks! This is totally unacceptable!

Seeing so many customers filing complaints against LPG-all with similar issues as mine, confirmed all my suspicions about LPG. So my question is, how can I have my full refund from them?



Dear S,

I didn’t realize Litigation Practice Group was now Coast Processing. They were always two separate entities.

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If you are frustrated and want to attempt to reach an amicable resolution, here is a process I outline to help with that.

Your frustration seems to have been ignited with the perceived poor customer service you received. I can certainly understand the quick escalation of concerns when an entity you hire to manage a stressful situation does not respond quickly. However, most people would feel the way you do.

From what you say, it sounds like one or more of the entities you name was proceeding with a validation approach first and then moving you into some settlement program when that failed.

I remain dubious of a 100 percent successful validation approach when consumers have multiple creditors.

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When it comes to refunds and terminating from a debt relief program you entered into, the two most essential items will be what the client agreement says you signed and your state law.

Please go and reread your client agreement and see what you agreed to when you signed up for details on termination process, fees, or refunds. If you have tried to work out the dissatisfaction with the companies and still not getting anywhere, then my guide might be worth following.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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