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Innovative Wealth Builders. Scam? Should I Investigate Them?

I was considering doing my next investigate report on a company called Innovative Wealth Builders out of Clearwater, Florida. I’ve seen a number of names associated with them in complaints that have called people from 888-748-5760, 888-249-5317,727-608-2713, 718-605-5907, 516-488-8552 & 727-474-3777.


If you can explain to me what these people supposedly do, besides just scam people, please post a comment below.

I’m also interested in comments you can post regarding your experience with this company and if anyone has received any written documentation or a contract from this company, please let me know in the comments.

If you are an ex-employee of IWB I’m very interested in what you can share about the operation. From what I read it is either a call center, boiler room, or call from home operation.

Names of Sales People Alleged to be calling for Innovate Wealth Builders

  • Natasha Kimmel
  • Christina Barbara
  • Amanda Wigland
  • Stephanie Johnson
  • Alicia Blasard
  • Christina Kimmle
  • Sharon Rodak
  • Lisa Jorgl
  • Cindy Wallace
  • Lisa Tosheff
  • Tamara Poston
  • Mary Mortti
  • Amy Hersh
  • Tina Limi
  • Edwards Titus
  • Dan Dechent
  • Ashley Suddenburg
  • Ashley Sevenberg
  • Richard Fantarella
  • Stephan Gallagher
  • Christine O’Neil
  • Christal Royer
Innovative Wealth Builders Web Site

Their About Us Page

There are not many institutions like Innovative Wealth Builders, Inc. We provide a program that will not damage your credit. Innovative Wealth Builders, Inc. is not a consolidation or credit counseling company.

We provide the tools that you will begin to use in order to enhance your credit, save money on your interest payments, and get you out of debt in half the time. Isn’t it nice to know you have someone on your side who understands the value of your hard-earned money? – Source


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • Their latest story is that you pay bucks to join and when they recruit your people, you get 80% of their fee. They your people get 80% of their recruits etc.
    All of the value goes up the chain and no value goes down the chain. They epitomize the legal definition of a pyramid. No wonder they’re under investigation.
    Ted Jones called me, from his supposedly NY cell phone 212-574-8013, which was a recording and then he Skyped me from 661-748-0240. He wouldn’t give his last name but I got it elsewhere.

  • Steve,

    Just hung up on the representative from IWB.  They claim that they shave interest off of your outstanding debt and pocket a portion of the difference.  They also claim that they convert your credit card debt to a fixed rate/fixed payment loan rather than revolving credit.  They also claim that by entering their program, the credit card companies will increase your credit line and you can continue to use your existing credit cards.  When I attempted to end the call, the sales rep. became very agitated.  I ended the call anyway and he called me back to harangue me some more.  Thanks for having your site available during my call.


  • My THANKS to Steve Rhode and all of those who posted abbout this company! I got my call yesterday. They promised the moon, and seemed so legitimate! A rep handed over the phone to his supervisor, Tyler Jewell. I did speak with him, but then started feeling like this was too good to be true. I gave no credit card numbers, and told him I wanted to think about it and look them up on the web. Jewell told me that was fine, but that they would have to report me to my credit card companies for refusing the ‘debt reduction offer’. Fine, whatever. Then I went and looked this company up, and I cannot BELIEVE what I almost got involved in! This site and all of the great posts may have saved me a LOT of trouble…

  • Names to avoid
    Nicole Halasyn
    Ramon Hernandez
    Lisa tosheff
    Lyn Knight
    Richard FAntarelli
    Edward Titus
    mary morti
    When I enrolled I dealt with every single one of these people and was passed around like a hot potatoe phone to phone.I was enrolled with a woman named mary and then passed to a man named richard and then passed over to edward.I called in the next day deciding this was not a good decision based off of what I read online and I spoke to a Remon.After getting no where with him and him talking down to me like I was dumb he then passed me to Nicole and then after getting no where with her she had to set a time for this supposed manager lisa to call me.After waiting and waiting for a call which I never got from her I decided to call my credit card company and dispute the charge and then a lyn knight wrote my credit card company fighting against what I told them they did.I then tried calling back in numerous times and finally got a hold of a anna but she was to no help either.As of now I am going on 8 months with no refund.These people are a scam and I dont understand how any of them run a business.My 8 year ols daughter has more business sense than these people.SCAM ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I can tell you 100% they are scam artists as many of you have attested to.  I am always very skeptical about these types of calls and never give any information and usually hang up pretty quickly.  They were very convincing with a friendly tone.  After reviewind the paperwork that they emailed to me, I showed it to my wife and she said you never respond to these types of calls.  I reviewed the refund process.  It said that Florida law allows 7 days to review and get a full refund.  I was emailed the items on 2 days later. The refund letter said to call and request that the customer care folks fax a refund request form to you.  I called on the 4th day and asked to have the form faxed to me. I was told that they couldn’t fax it because it needed a postal stamp and a signed date.  I told them to email or fax it to me and I would sign, date and fax it right back. He insisted they couldn’t. Mind you now, this is a Friday. I asked will it go in the mail today (EXPRRESS) so that it could be here by Saturday and I would fax it by Monday, the 7th day.  I was told that they would mail it on Monday.  I was furious and asked to speak to the manager.  I was told the manager does not talk to the customers. I threatened to call my lawyer and the BBB.  Now I am waiting for paperwork that will not get here obviously before the 7th day.  I immediately called my CC company and told them about the situaton and their refund policy.  They said they will dispute the charge once I have sent the paperwork back to IWB.  I was also told to keep a copy to send to the CC company as well.  I can’t believe I went against my better judgement and what I have preached to my wife and sons.  Stay AWAY from IWB

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