Can I Believe the Document Preparation Company Provident Solutions?


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This contract (the “Agreement”) is an agreement for document preparation and arbitration support between Provident Solutions, a corporation organized under the laws of California located in San Diego, California (“We/Us/Our”) and (collectively and individually “You/Your”). Since We are a California Document Preparation Company, we are registered, bonded, and work under the supervision of a lawyer without offering or engaging in legal services or the practice of law.

My question is can I believe in this company Consumer Services or not?



Dear Svetlana,

It appears the actual name of the company is Provident Solutions, judging by the wording you sent me.

I did find it curious they said, “we are registered, bonded, and work under the supervision of a lawyer without offering or engaging in legal services or the practice of law.” I’m aware California has something called the “Scrivener Exception” but that is a very narrow range of services that can be delivered.

On the About Us, page Provident Solutions describes themselves by saying, “Provident Solutions is a Document Preparation company which provides outstanding personal and professional assistance with legal documents. Some of the services that Provident Solutions offers are: Account Validation, Small Claims, Promissory Notes, Wills & Living Trusts, Civil Complaints, Contracts, Quitclaim Deeds and more. All forms used are the same as you would find with any attorney, all documents are expertly completed and forwarded to the appropriate parties to ensure satisfactory result. When attorney legal Services are not necessary our goal is to perform the services our clients need in order to efficiently resolve their legal matters, without the high costs of an attorney or unnecessary legal fees. By analyzing the success stories of our clients, we have become proud that we are fulfilling our goals of satisfying our clients needs. We’d like to add you to the list of satisfied clients and look forward to speaking with you soon. Promissory Notes” – Source

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Who is Provident Solutions

The BBB says the CEO is Todd DiRoberto and Pamela Adams is the office manager. – Source

The BBB says an alternate business name of the company is Tek Ventures. The address of the company is listed as 11622 El Camino Real Ste 100, San Diego, CA 92130-2051. That appears to be a virtual office. – Source

A search of registered businesses in California could not locate a company named Provident Solutions as either an LLC or corporation that was eligible to do business.

The BBB customer reviews are not wonderful.

It appears that California law requires at least one attorney’s name that is responsible for the website that advertises services. – Source

I’ve written about Provident Solutions before.

I could keep going but I think there are enough red flags for me already.

I would recommend that anyone considering using such a company should read the following free guides.

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