I Am Getting Worried About Litigation Practice Group


Dear Steve,

I have about $20,000 credit card debt I signed with Litigation Practice Group attorneys. I pay $270 per mo I have not heard from them.

When I call, I get a receptionist that knows nothing that is going on. I am getting worried that I may have made a mistake.

Please advise.



Dear Deborah,

Bad customer service or a response that does not meet reasonable expectations is not illegal; it’s just stupid.

For some reason, I’ve received some requests about the Litigation Practice Group. I think this recent post will help guide you. Please see My Experience with LPG Coast Processing is Totally Unacceptable.

If a company you are sending money to is not willing to promptly provide you with detailed or factual information, I would be worried or concerned.

You should hear from the company you hired.

After you read my advice here, please update me in the comments section below with what you decide to do.


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4 thoughts on “I Am Getting Worried About Litigation Practice Group”

  1. I want my money back! How do I go about asking for help with this? I’m Naive but I’m not totally stupid. I may not win but I want to expose this full of Attorneys that like money without helping customer!


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