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Ft Lauderdale, Florida 33309
Phone: 1-800-797-7813
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Option One Financial Services




Option One Financial Services, Inc. is a recognized and respected debt settlement company that specializes in assisting individuals who are drowning in debt and experiencing financial difficulties. Our main focus is to provide an alternative for individuals who otherwise are facing bankruptcy by reducing their debt to a fraction of what is owed, thus enabling them to become debt free in as little as 2-4 years. – Source


Kevin Thomas – Kevin L. Thomas
Scot Greve – Scot B. Greve


[email protected] (Rick Saavedra) is listed as the contact address for Option One Financial but that takes you to the site for The Credit Counseling Foundation. Odd. The Credit Counseling Foundation is a non-profit group and it appears to be managing the for-profit debt settlement company Option One Financial Services.

Kevin Thomas – [email protected]


Option One Financial Group
  • Kevin Thomas and Scot Greve are responsible for American Debt Consolidation & Credit Services, as well as Option One Financial Group, Consumer Credit Services of South Florida, Aggressive Marketing LLC.
  • WeCureDebtAffiliates.com
  • The Credit Counseling Foundation, Inc
  • Scot Greve is married to Carla M. Lakosy, AKA Carla Lakosky Greve.
  • Global Client Solutions is apparently a back office processor of payments for Option One.

    Interesting Points

  • The company owned by the founders of Option One Financial Group, Aggressive Marketing LLC, was connected to the massive failure debt settlement company Hess-Kennedy. See Edward Nazar v. Credit Counseling Foundation, Inc., Aggressive Marketing, LLC, Debt Options, Bernard Singer, Laura Hess, Edward Kennedy, Hess Kennedy Chartered, LLC, Edward Cherry, Hess Kennedy Holdings, Ltd, Hess Kennedy Company, Hess Kennedy Company Chartered, Tim Robbins, Case No 08-05121 (Bankr, D. Kans) – Source
  • Scot Greve is or was associated with The Credit Counseling Foundation, Inc located at 3350 NW 53rd Street, Suite 103, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309. He was listed as the 401K plan administrator and sponsor for the plan (source) for The Credit Counseling Foundation, Inc. The Credit Counseling Foundation, Inc shares a common ownership as Consolidebt Credit Counseling Service.
    See also  Option One Financial stopped paying an agreed settlement. - R
  • The telephone number of Option One Financial Services is the same one used by CCCS of Florida (Consolidebt Credit Counseling Service), a non-profit group.
    TCCF CCCS of Florida
  • The Credit Counseling Foundation according to its tax return stated the follow:

    The company operates under an arms length agreement with American Leasing Corporation of South Florida for management and the use of its facilities. The company operates under an arms length agreement with Aggressive Marketing for employee leasing and management services.

    So American Leasing is owned by Scot Greve’s wife Carla Lakosky and Aggressive Marketing was owned by Kevin Thomas and Scot Greve. Of the $3.7 Million in income reported, $2.6 Million was paid out to Greve controlled organizations. – The Credit Counseling Foundation 990 Return

  • This appears to be a tangle of interrelated non-profit and for-profit corporations which include as interested parties: Heather Unsworth, Jill S McCarthy, Kenneth Unsworth, Kevin Collins, Sherry Michaels.


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