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We at CenturyFirst.com understand the hardship that most unsecured debt creates for consumers. You work hard to provide a life for yourself and for your family. Along the way you, incur expenses that are necessary to living life. Eventually you find that you are working primarily to pay off your debt.



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Interesting Points

Century First is a debt settlement company that shares the same address as AmeriCorp in New York.

Century First share the same street address in New York with AmeriCorp and MediaMogul shares the same address in Florida with AmeriCorp and Vortex Debt Group.

The Century First site talks about two options; eliminate, consolidate. The language on the home page suggest debt settlement by saying you can cut your debt in half but the inside of the site says “Upon enrollment into a debt management program, your collection calls will begin to dissolve as the non-profit credit counseling agency begins to handle your account. Within as little as 2-4 weeks you can begin to answer your telephone again knowing it will not be a creditor.” Odd.

The State of New York lists no active company with the name Century First. The Century First domain name belongs to InterMark Media 135 Crossways Park Dr, Woodbury, NY 11797. InterMark Media is owned by Tim McCallan the owner of Americorp.

Century First Radio Commercials

Century First Radio Commercial 1
Century First Radio Commercial

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Century First Radio Commercial

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Century First Debt Settlement

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