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As a clinical psychologist, Mr. Marcus came to realize that at the root of many personal and family problems are the pressures and stress that money can cause. And, when financial problems are alleviated, this has an overall positive affect on a person’s situation.

Carrying forward Mr. Marcus’ mission of helping others in need, A New Horizon’s counseling and financial literacy programs have played an important role in the financial rehabilitation of an individual. We offer our clients a new perspective on life by unburdening them of financial pressures and setting them on the road towards Financial Freedom. – Source

A New Horizon has come across my radar on a couple of occasions recently and when I took a quick look at them I was surprised by the relationships.


Stephen Marcus
Stephen Marcus, Founder, President and CEO – smarcus@anewhorizon.org

Fran Parra – Director
Elvis Tavares – Director
Steven S. Stark – General Counsel
Algerette Banyas – Director of Finance



United Debt Counseling, Inc.
America at Home, Inc.
Consumer Debt Management Services, Inc.
A New Horizon Credit Counseling Services of New York, Inc.
A New Horizon Credit Counseling Services of Maryland, Inc.
A New Horizon Credit Counseling Services of Mississippi, Inc.
A New Horizon Credit Counseling Services of Illinois, Inc.
Julise Marketing (DBA United Debt Counseling) (Execu-Pay)
Brolly Consulting, Inc.
U Can 2 Opportunity, Inc.
Familia Donum
Judi Lisbin
Judi Lisbin-Marcus

A New Horizon Relationships
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Interesting Points

What struck me was on their last available non-profit tax return, click here.

As President of the non-profit group Stephen Marcus earned $443,760 based on income of $4,129,437. But $35,352 was paid to a marketing company, Julise Marketing, that is 50% owned by Stephen Marcus. Brolly Consulting, Inc is identified in the return as a related company of Stephen Marcus doing business with A New Horizon as well. The previous year A New Horizon had a business relationship with another Marcus related company, U Can 2 Opportunitiy.

Julise Marketing, Inc is identified as a debt settlement and marketing firm. It also held a commercial debt collection license. – Source

ANH is reported to have affiliates such as Solid Ground Financial

A Stephen Marcus non-profit group, Consumer Debt Management Services, had its IRS non-profit status revoked. – Source

Julise Marketing, United Debt Counseling

Julise Marketing - United Debt Counseling

The Julise Marketing website at julisemarketing.com DBA United Debt Counseling which is owned by A New Horizon and registered by Stephen Marcus is a for-profit company that offers a business opportunity service to make money in the credit counseling and debt counseling world. Julise Marketing, that is owned by Stephen Marcus and his wife also offers debt management, debt settlement, debt negotiation, credit restoration (credit repair), tax relief, and student loans.

Julise Marketing - United Debt Counseling

As UDC Broker you have a tremendous financial opportunity because our programs offer something for people at all career levels. Whether you are looking for a full time career, or an opportunity to supplement your current income, our organization can present you with many options.

  • Immediate Income
  • Long-term Residual Income
  • Unlimited Income Potential
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If you currently work within the financial services industry you are one step ahead of the game. With UDC, you can earn money twice!

How, you ask? Take your credit declines and turn them into prospects once again! First, you earn money by enrolling your client into the credit education program. Once their dispute process is complete, we send the client back to you. You earn money from the original enrollment and then again when you close their loan! It doesn’t get any easier than this!


Imagine yourself truly enjoying every minute of each day; controlling time instead of time controlling you. That’s what it means to “win” the game of life.

When you team-up with our organization, we’ll help you bring out the best that lies within you! With our experience and expertise, you’ll have everything you need to become a champion and reach your full potential while helping other to regain control of their financial lives.

When you become a Broker for UDC, you will be joining an established, industry-leading company with high in demand financial solution services, much-needed rehabilitation programs, and a dedicated staff that is 100% committed to your success as well as the success of your clients!

Julise Marketing - United Debt Counseling


One of the most alarming trends of the past decade has been the non-stop rounds of layoffs in corporate America. In an effort to achieve short-term gains in their stock price, these corporations also achieved another result – their employees learned that the rules of old-fashioned loyalty are no longer honored.

As a result, millions of Americans are turning to home-based businesses to achieve their dreams and goals.

The opportunity we are offering is an ideal way for you to do the same. With your own business, you can become the CEO of your career and your life. No more worries about getting laid off or getting a raise. It’s the ideal opportunity to be rewarded for your own efforts.

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Even better, as a Broker for UDC, you are providing a much needed service, and one that is needed by most everyone living in today’s financially stressed world of credit and debt.


There is a July 2009 lawsuit against A New Horizon for offering credit repair services and misleading advertising that made claims to reduce interest rates and help people to avoid bankruptcy. – Source

Picture of Web Site

A New Horizon Credit Counseling Web Site

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  1. Stephen Marchus is a ULTIMATE SCUMBAG that screws families and his employees out of their money. He stole thousands from us and hid like a little slimeball weasel. Both he and his wife deserve to rot in jail. He is a money grubbing selfish snake. I hope he gets prosecuted!


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