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What Can My Girlfriend Due to Get Her Ex-Husband to Pay The Credit Cards He Promised To? – Paul

“Dear Steve,

My girlfriends ex husband racked up 10,000 of debt on a her cedit card while they were married, to my knowledge he was ordered to pay that card down after the divorice.

Also the ex husband owes the attorney 7,000 and that attorney is trying to collect from my girlfriend. also the ex husband is not paying the full amount of child suport and there doesn’t seem to be much help from the government side on that part. The attorney wants another 3500 for a retainer to follow up on the ex husband. She has two children and mortgage. This is in the State of Illinois. Thank you for helping , this is above my experience level , but I do care for her and I will seek as much truthful information as I possibly can.

What do you see from this description the kind of questions that need to be asked in order to get her some help? What can she do to get her ex husband to pay what the judge has ordered him to do? Can her ex husband be forced to make some type of reasonable contribution ton the attorny fees and credit card payment?


Dear Paul,

I suspect what you are describing is that as part of the divorce agreement the ex said he would pay debts his ex-wife, your now girlfriend, was jointly responsible for with him.

People are commonly confused over this issue. Even though the ex-husband entered into an agreement to pay the credit cards, that is an agreement between the ex and your girlfriend and it has no bearing on the contractual relationship between the creditors and the parties involved.

The only recourse I can think of is either for your girlfriend to go bankrupt to terminate her obligation on that old debt or drag her ex-husband back into court to try to enforce the agreement between her and the guy.

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At this point the least expensive course of action would be to click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and go talk to the attorney. The money the lawyer is claiming can be included in the bankruptcy so she would be able to get a fresh start.

As far as the child support, the most effective way to collect is to press the state for assistance collecting.

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