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I just wanted to share with you the following projects I donated to in the name of the site to help students learn more about money credit and debt. If you would like to donate to help students, visit

The Projects We Contributed to Today

It’s Time for MONEY

“I teach special education students grades K-5. All of my students have learning disabilities and are about three grade levels behind other peers in their grades. I teach language arts and math in a resource classroom where I pull students out for extra support.

My students love money and time. They are always asking “what time is it?” or “what time is lunch?” They also talk about toys they see on commercials and how they don’t know if they have enough money to buy them. My students need manipulatives to fully comprehend a concept. They have a very hard time understanding concepts when they are just written on paper or in a test question form.

My students would benefit greatly from some hands on, fun, and interactive ways in which they can learn money and time. They need money coins and dollars to teach them about the amount of each coin. They also need some fun games where they can get a chance to show their knowledge with money and time while continuing to learn.

By helping with this project, you will teach my students real world concepts which they will use in their everyday life. My students will gain confidence in purchasing items when walking into a store. They will also be able to fully understand time in a way that will support their daily routine.

My students need activities that can help them learn about time and money. They need materials such as manipulative money, play registers, and games that enhance their knowledge of money and time. Some games that will help them are bingo and read the clock games.

We Need Money, Lots and Lots of Money!

“I teach second grade at a charter school still suffering and recovering from Hurricane Katrina. As we continue to rebuild our school and our lives, the need of our students exceeds what our budget can keep up with.

Many of our students have special needs and additional instruction beyond the days lessons; not only academically, but emotionally and mentally due to the violence they see and hear each day. Our administration and staff is focused on sending our students on to bigger and better things, being confident that their foundation of learning is strong and will withstand the trials that many of our students will experience before high school is over. We believe, we achieve, we succeed!

Teaching mathematics is a task that I enjoy, even look forward to, but truthfully, no matter how much I enjoy it, it scares me… and my students! Although our school has made made huge efforts to supply the teachers with manipulatives to teach hands-on lessons, we are still in need of basic materials that can be used daily to engage the students in more fun, learning activities. During math instruction recently, I realized just how lacking my classroom was in ‘Money’ manipulatives! I don’t have enough coins, bills and activities to effectively teach my students the hands-on methods of counting money!

Our class needs money, not real money, the plastic, paper kinds that we can use daily to learn life skills! We need enough money to give each student different amounts and challenge them to count higher amounts. If I was able to teach counting money more effectively and boost their addition skills before they realize they are actually adding. Having the necessary tools at our disposal will allow my students a much better chance at overcoming the struggles and daily challenges inside and outside of classroom by learning life skills such as counting money.

Mathematics is so important in the learning of my students. By having the proper materials to teach each individual student in a fun, tactile way, I can help my students to achieve much greater results.

Any help provided to us will show my students that adults truly care about their education. In our school and city, parents and adults make the most impact in our students. They see so much negativity and violence that even the smallest support from anyone is equivalent to a million dollars to my students.

My students need math money manipulatives such as Money Learning Centers, coins and bills for each student, Money Sliders for independent practice, and Money Flash Cards.

Mad Money Math

“I work in a Title I school teaching Functional Life Skills, Special Education students in grades 3 through 5. I have seven students that have various disabilities ranging from Autism to Cerebral Palsy; verbal to nonverbal abilities.

Due to their various disabilities, our students have a disadvantage when it comes to daily living skills. It is harder for them to understand and learn the concepts of numbers, counting, money identification and using money in the community. The students require several different types of learning methods in order to master their skills in math and money. By utilizing different methods of learning numbers and money for the various learning disabilities, the students have a better chance of becoming successful in learning these skills.

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Currently, I have limited resources for teaching concepts of money top my students. They are learning Touch Math and we have borrowed the Touch Math supplies from another teacher. If we could build on the success of the Touch Math and acquire Touch Money, I feel the students have a better chance of learning and retaining their skills. Some of the other students are just learning number concepts, and using different puzzles, and shapes can assist them in learning their number faster. I have an older puzzle with numbers, but it is missing one number. By being able to receive the various software, worksheets, calculators and puzzles, my students will have access to various methods and strategies to learn their math and money concepts that will allow them to function in the community setting when purchasing items.

By being able to receive the gifts from the donors of the various software, worksheets, calculators and puzzles, my students will have access to various methods and strategies to learn their math and money concepts that will allow them to function in the community setting when purchasing items. The students will have learned and mastered a functional living skill used by their non-disabled peers when they need to buy something.

My students need 8 interactive Math resources, including TouchMoney Software, a Time & Money Portable Tabletop Pocket Chart, Wooden Shapes and Numbers and Talking Calculators.

“Show me the Money!”

“Stretch those purse strings and help my students learn about money through fun games and materials!

I am a Title I math teacher in an inner city school and need help in gathering materials to help my students understand the importance of money as it relates to everyday life. Very often children go to the supermarket with their family to do the shopping. I encourage my children to “make a game of it” and use the store circular to find the sales,estimate the cost of the items and make change at the check out counter.This also helps them understand how far a dollar will go and just how important it is to save your money. I want to help them understand how much an item is when it’s marked 10% off or how they can be sure they to have enough money for their purchase by estimating. We may even take a walk to the local store and use our new knowledge of fractions, decimals and percents in our money exchange at the register.

I am in need of fun math games and materials that help in the understanding of fractions, decimals, percents,money and estimation.The children are excited to learn math that will help them with this life long skill of understanding and working with money.

Your support will not only help my students but it will benefit their entire family and help them in their shared shopping experience. “Money doesn’t make you happy but it sure can help.” Not true! Your donation will put a smile on their faces as it helps them work with and save money!

My Math students need assorted games, including a Math Bingo Library, 2 Problem Solving Kits, a Giant Decimal Practice Board and an ATM Action! Money Game.

Learning to Use Money; A Gift for Dad

“I teach middle school students with moderate to severe intellectual cognitive disabilities, mild physical disabilities, hearing impaired, and/or mild to moderate autistic tendencies in a self contained setting. I have an awesome teacher assistant who is a constant support to both me and our 7 angels. We are both constantly looking for ways to improve our instruction. My seven high needs students all love being at school, growing in their independence, and learning about the world around them. However; they all struggle with learning even the most basic math and independent living skills.
One way we use money and math in the real world is to read a price on a drink or snack machine and mentally determine if we have enough money to buy the item and then make a purchase. Have you thought of the math skills this involves? Just a few of them are number and coin recognition, addition, and problem solving skills. Most of us learned these skills through traditional textbook, pencil, and paper practice. My students cannot do this task without assistance from someone to read the amount and count the money for them. They need alternative means for learning the functional math skills of counting money since they struggle with traditional learning.

They need to have facsimiles of real money and hands on activities to practice matching, sorting, identifying, and counting money; as well as picture books that teach about money. I have to borrow the facsimiles of real money from another teacher. Since my students need daily practice in order to maintain skills and continue learning, borrowing materials is difficult. I do not have any books about money in my classroom library. I have recently found several books with pictures of real U.S. money that will help in teaching money concepts.

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This request also has a very personal meaning for me. My dad passed away on January 6. He was a staunch supporter of my teaching students with special needs because he knew it is my wish to help make each of “ my kids” more independent in life and less dependent on others. He not only gave financial assistance to my class, he also assisted my class several times. Several of his colleagues, friends, and family have asked that I write this proposal in his memory. So, Dad, this one is for you! Know that with the support of all those who loved you and some total strangers, my students will soon be developing their money skills and able to buy a snack and drink for themselves.

My students need money manipulatives, literacy books about money, and counting money activities in order to develop more independent use of money.

Play Dough $$

“My classroom consists of young elementary learners who need to learn the fundamentals of handling money. They often don’t have an opportunity to handle money in their daily living and they need exposure to coins, counting money, and being consumers.
I need to have a variety of learning opportunities within my classroom so that all the children will be able to practice counting money and make “purchases” at our money center. Having games and money will provided needed hands-on learning opportunities for the kids.

I need play money and activities for my young learners to have visual clues and to give real-life learning to master money concepts. The students will benefit greatly from having these materials to use and learn from.

Having “play dough” in my classroom will help make early money learning a special time of the day. Children will be able to learn counting, grouping, patterning, and math basics by having money manipulative and new activities to do.

My students need 6 money manipulatives, including a Classroom Money Set, a cash register and a Buy It Right Money Game.

The Real World of Saving and Spending

“I teach a classroom with moderate to severe students in middle school grades 6- 8. Our classroom works on life skills our students will need when they graduate and become adults.
Everyone uses money in their everyday life, it is especially important for my students to learn about how to use money at an early age, so that by the time they are adults they will grasp the concept of money. They love to spend money when we go on our community outings and have a strong interest in money.

My students have all learned how to add nickels and pennies, now we are working on dimes. Our classroom has started a classroom store. The students are earning money to buy items in the store and are excited about the whole new project. My students can use some different techniques of learning money like games and the money chart; also some prizes for the store and a cash register for my students to learn how to run the store and give back change if needed. These items will help make our classroom store and money token systems become a great success.

Your help will ensure that my students will grasp the concept of money within my classroom, which will follow through in their community and life skill for their whole adult life.

My students need 1 register, money games, money charts and rewards for learning the concept of adding, earning, saving and spending money.

Let’s Talk Money!

“My students need a way a fun, hands-on way to learn the value of money. I am a 2nd grade teacher in a high poverty school. I would like for my students to have a solid understanding of money so they are ready for 3rd grade.
My students struggle with money value. I feel that by having these manipulatives they will learn what the coins and bills represent and how to add and subtract money.

My class is in need of 2 sets of big magnetic money. Not only can I use this for a whole-class money lesson, but it can be set up as a center for group or individual exploration. We also need two sets of money cubes that can be used as a fun and exciting way to learn to count coins!

You donation will benefit my students by giving them confidence when solving money problems and talking about money. Not only will it aid my students this year, you will also be helping my futures students!

My students need 2 sets of big magnetic money and 2 sets of money cubes.

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