Debt Consultants of America, Debt Professionals of America, and Financial Freedom of America Review

This review became very unusual. Shortly after looking into Debt Consultants of America I discovered that Butcher and Creel also run at least two additional debt settlement companies in the same building. This review is a combination of information about Debt Consultants of America, Debt Professionals of America, and Financial Freedom of America.

I find it very odd that these three debt settlement companies have such common ownership and operate out of the same building in Dallas.


Debt Consultants of America
8140 Walnut Hill Lane
Suite 204
Dallas Texas 75231

Financial Freedom of America
8140 Walnut Hill Lane
Suite 400
Dallas Texas 75231

Debt Professionals of America
8140 Walnut Hill Lane
Suite 204
Dallas Texas 75231




Debt Consultants of America’s mission is to assist our clients every step of the way to becoming debt free. We will give our clients the tools and information required to make an informed decision on which program will fit their specific needs. Our team will support and guide each client, one step at a time, down the path to financial freedom. – Source


Corey Butcher – Director
Corey Todd Butcher
Robert J Creel – Director
Nikki Vrla Creel

On July 31, 2008 Debt Professionals of America was incorporated with an address in the same building as Debt Consultants of America and Finacnial Freedom of America. The directors are listed as Corey Butcher and Robert Creel.

December 13, 2005 Financial Freedom of America was incorporated and is located in the same building with Debt Consultants of America and Debt Professionals of America. Corey Butcher is the Director and President of FFA.

Corey Butcher is CEO/President of Financial Freedom of America. He attended Southern Methodist University studying Health and Fitness Management. Corey has 5 years experience in the financial industry and presently serves on the board of the United States Organization of Bankruptcy Alternatives and is named the chairman of the central region. In 2009, he received the U.S. Army Patriot Award. – Source

Nikki Vrla CreelSince its commencement, Vice President, Nikki Vrla has played a large role in building the company from the ground up.

She brings 13 years of experience in the financial industry and presently serves on the board of the United States Organizations for Bankruptcy Alternatives, Inc. (USOBA) as the Chairman of the Creditor Relations Committee. She is a Certified Debt Arbitrator and is passionately involved with all levels of her staff to constantly improve the quality of service to clients and the company. – Source

Robert Creel

Robert Creel began following his entrepreneurial ambitions at an early age, and since attending Southern Methodist University he has owned and operated a variety of businesses. This was until he found his true passion in the Debt Settlement industry after personally helping a family member negotiate and settle their credit card debt. He then decided he could help other people who felt they were living in a shadow of debt as well. As the CEO/President of Debt Professionals of America, he passionately guides the day-to-day management of all aspects of the organization. He is committed to ensuring that all clients receive the best service and results possible by being personally engaged in all services provided to our clients. – Source


info@4dpoa.com – Domain owned by Corey Butcher at Financial Freedom of America


  • Financial Freedom of America
  • Debt Consultants of America
  • Debt Professionals of America
  • Nikki Vrla is listed as VP with the State of Florida for Debt Professionals of America. – Source Nikki Vrla is also Nikki Vral-Creel. – Source
  • Corey Butcher is also the President of First Financial Freedom Mortgage at 10440 N. Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75231. Also owns this with Brent Butcher and Kevin Roberts.

Interesting Points

On the Debt Consultants of America website they do mention that clients can be sued in their debt settlement program but they appear to downplay the collection activity and lawsuits customers might expect.

Will I receive collection calls? You should expect some collection calls.

Can I be sued? The first thing you should remember is that unsecured debt is unsecured. Lawsuits can and do happen but are less frequent than you may think.


I do like the fact they bring attention to consumers to inquire if the company they are thinking of using has a business address. Many of the debt settlement companies I’ve looked into operate out of a UPS Mail Store, PO Box or mail drop. “Also it is important that you check to see if the company has a office with a physical address (not a PO box or no address at all. Be very wary!).” – Source

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I also thought this statement from them made good sense. “What are the up front fees?
All companies have a set up fee; this should be expected but you should definitely be aware of the amount of up front fees a company wants. Some companies might want all their fees upfront before they start negotiating the debt; definitely beware of this. If a company collects all their fees upfront, and does not charge part of their fees for the amount of money they save you there is no incentive to get you the best deal on each settlement. Performance driven, we strive to get you the best settlement possible. The more we save you, the more we make.” – Source

The sister company of Debt Consultants of America, Debt Professionals of America has the following job posting online. If Debt Consultants of America employees similar commission based sales people then that might create a problem by selling people into a program or service that is not right for the consumer.





Debt Professionals of America (DPA) was founded to create bright futures for those who have found themselves behind the barrier of debt.

We support our clients with diligence and integrity when working to negotiate and settle their unsecured credit card debt. Our team of bright professionals is committed to help reduce the anxiety associated with debt by assisting you on your path to financial independence.

Our team of negotiators, who become Certified Debt Arbitrators (CDA), will present our clients’ circumstances directly to your creditors and will work diligently at settling their unsecured debt for an average of 40-60% of what you owe. Our negotiators strive to erase over half of your unsecured credit card debt from the updated balance at the time of settlement, and our proven program can eliminate your debt in 18-48 months. When you eliminate your unsecured debt, you’re closer to realizing your financial goals.

Skills / Requirements
2+years of sales experience required.
Ability to prove high closing ratios.
Previous inside sales preferred.


Click on image for larger view.

Financial Freedom of America and Corey Butcher have been named in a number of lawsuits and regulator actions. Click here, and here.

White Rock Athletic Club

Robert Creel and Nikki Creel (AKA Nikki Vrla) were named in an official citation by the Federal Communications Commission, March 19, 2002, for their actions that violated the rules governing telephone solicitations. – Source

What make the White Rock Athletic Club issue interesting is that on October 28, 2006 a press release went out saying, “After nearly two decades of existence, White Rock Athletic Club, with the assistance of Fitness Management & Consulting, is breaking all-time sales records. Two years ago, employee turned entrepreneur, Corey Butcher, purchased the club. The combination of a passionate new owner and a veteran outside consultant synergize in a winning formula.” – Source

Apparently Butcher and Creel go way back together.

Videos from Debt Professionals of America

BBB Reviews

Read BBB record of Debt Professionals of America at time of article.

Read BBB record of Debt Consultants of America at time of article.

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This review started from an email I received about Debt Consultants of America to click here.

Debt Consultants of America needs to be stopped – I have been paying $900 a month for a year now and NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY nothing on my account has been settled. I only want the truth and all my money returned. I am now forced to seek the legal alternative in hiring a lawyer to stop their SCAMS!!!

Excerpt from lawsuit involving Debt Consultants of America:

21. In July 2007, PUTTNER heard a radio commercial from DEBT CONSULTANTS advertising their success in helping consumers become debt fee.

22. At the time PUTTNER heard the commercial her credit accounts were in good standing.

23. However, due to the cost of living associated with her graduate studies at Purdue University, PUTTNER had significant balances on many of her accounts and she struggled to make the minimum monthly payment.

24. The interest rates on PUTTNER’s accounts were increasing and the debts were becoming increasingly more difficult to manage

25. PUTTNER therefore decided to contact DEBT CONSULTANTS before she defaulted on her accounts to manage the spiraling balances.

26. PUTTNER approached DEBT CONSULTANTS as she believed they would provide an honorable, responsible and effective manner in which to manage her debt.

27. PUTTNER spoke with Omari Smith, an agent and employee of DEBT CONSULTANTS, who promised that PUTTNER would be debt free “within a couple of years.”

28. Omari also promised that PUTTNER would not have to pay the additional interest that would ordinarily accumulate on her accounts.

29. Omari stated that Plaintiff’s credit would not be damaged because DEBT CONSULTANTS would completely pay off all accounts at reduced balances.

30. Within days, DEBT CONSULTANTS sent an orientation packet to PUTTNER.

31. In the packet DEBT CONSULTANTS falsely represented that it would eliminate Puttner’s outstanding debt.

32. In the packet DEBT CONSULTANTS falsely represented that PUTTNER’s accounts would be reported as settled-in-full or paid.

33. DEBT CONSULTANTS also advised PUTTNER that she should stop communicating with her creditors.

34. PUTTNER followed DEBT CONSULTANTS’ advice and stopped paying on her accounts and stopped communicating with her creditors.

35. PUTTNER paid an estimated $3,935.00 to DEBT CONSULTANTS for their services.

36. DEBT CONSULTANTS did not settle any of PUTTNER’s accounts and performed no services of benefit to PUTTNER.

37. Eventually as PUTTNER’s accounts went into default the other defendants began calling to collect PUTTNER’S debts.


Other Complaints Online:

  • FEES, CHARGES, FEES, CHARGES…They cause people that are already in debt to go deeper in debt. What a RIPOFF. They should be closed down. – Source
  • Debt Consultants of America complaints from ConsumerAffrairs.com.
  • Debt Consultants of America complaints from Debt Settlement Reviews site.
  • “I was a former Quality assurance rep for this company. Day after day I told them their sales people were lying and they needed to put a stop to this. They became under investigation by the FTC and told everyone we were switching over completely to DEPT PROFESSIONALS OF AMERICA. As a quality assurance person i heard lie after lie and eventually was let go because I wasn’t a “loyal worker”. In fact when they did fire me they offered me and extra 100.00 if i would sign a piece of paper saying i wouldn’t blog about what a horrid company they are. My free speech can’t be bought like your college girlfriends ROBERT. It was been 5 months since I’ve worked there and thought surely they would be shut down. They have the worst customer service people. THEY YELL at customers. I would not recommend speaking with any of the sales people, especially the “SR reps” . Again I was a QA specialst that was hired as show. I was let go because the investigation would have called me in and I would have been completely honest. The owner Robert Creel and his “astranged wife” who he is currently married to, to avoid having to give her millions are worthless. I thought Nicky Creel might have had a stronger back bone to just say forget it and take the money and do something meaningful with her life. The owener does drugs especially with his sales buddies. You can catch them at the BILLIARD BAR IN DALLAS ON GREENVILLE evewry Wed night. Show up and give them a piece of your mind, take back your money and give them a good kick in the butt. They go out and party daily with the money americans ARE GIVING THEM to help pay off debt. If anyone know what the company is really like it is me. Oh and to Holly, Amber, or any of the other “secretaries” who they have reading the complaints and responding, I dare you to try and refute this. THIS IS THE TRUTH. DEBT CONSULTANTS OF AMERICA IS DEBT PROFESSIONALS OF AMERICA. beware of both companies . ” – Source
  • Financial Freedom Of America Is A Scam And A Rip Off
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Ripoff Reports Complaints

See numerous complaints for Debt Consultants of America.

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