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Debt Counselors of America, the Real Debt Counselors of America

During the past week I discovered a new company in New York has registered a debt settlement company using the name of the non-profit group I founded in 1994, Debt Counselors of America.

We later changed the name from Debt Counselors of America to Myvesta because I was amazed how many people can’t spell either debt or counselors. During the time the company was called Debt Counselors of America I was called a “deck counselor”, a “death counselor”, a dept consoler”, and other variations. It became clear that a better name for the company was needed.

But I must confess, discovering that someone else copied my company name can only be viewed as an intentional action designed to leech off the good name I created under Debt Counselors of America. If this new company had done a simple google search for Debt Counselors of America they would have discovered a long history of Debt Counselors of America in use. And maybe they did.

So I already don’t like these folks at Debt Counselors of America, LLC, 457 Two Rod Road, Marillia, New York 14102, or as I like to call them, “The Impostors.”

I can’t wait to see what happens next on this. It’s not over yet.


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