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This review is the result on an online advertisement I saw.


None listed on their site and no business with the name Trinity Financial Mission listed in Pennsylvania where the domain name is registered. I had to find the address from the BBB. It was listed as 62 Dallas S/C, Suite 313, Dallas, PA 18612. The address actually stands for 62 Dallas Shopping Center. I called the MailBoxes, Etc. store there and Larry confirmed the address for Trinity Financial Mission is only a mailbox there.

Domain name address:

PO Box 24
Harvey’s Lake, PA 18618

Domain name is registered to Allen Morrow and was registered on July 2, 2008.


A Christian debt settlement and debt management company.


Unknown. Trinity Financial Mission does not revel either their address or management on their site. – Source

The BBB reports that Allen Morrow is the President. [email protected]Source

There is no registered non-profit named Trinity Financial Mission not a registered business in PA named Trinity Financial Mission.


[email protected]

Relationships says this about its privacy policy, “This policy covers websites owned or operated by Trinity Financial Mission.” – Source. is owned by Richard Parry of All American Business Services, INc., 45 Holiday Drive, Suite 89, Kingston, PA 18704. Richard parry writes Christian debt settlement articles which drive traffic to – Source, Source

Interesting Points

I am perplexed by Trinity Financial Mission. On one hand they proclaim to be a Christian financial mission but on the other hand they are neither a registered business under their name or even a registered fictitious name in Pennsylvania and they are not a non-profit group.

They advertise two solutions. The first is a debt consolidation/debt management solution and the second is debt settlement.

In the FAQ section they talk about what appears to be the debt management solution and say:

Our Christian debt programs are administered by a nonprofit 501(C)(3). Banks qualify for tax credits from the government when they cooperate through these debt programs. Therefore, your creditors will lower interest rates, reduce or eliminate fees and do whatever they can to help us help you get your life back in line with Christian principles. – Source

So this tells me they are a lead generation company for debt management services and do not provide the “Christian” debt help themselves. They refer those cases to some unknown nonprofit group.

On the debt settlement side of things, while they say:

As with everything we do, we want to bring you maximum peace of mind so that you can focus calmly on what’s important spiritually, rather than being bogged down by financial stress. – Source

What they fail to mention is that in a debt settlement approach, when you are behind on your payments to your creditors it will result in negative credit entries, you will be in collection and you will be subject to being sued. That sure doesn’t sound very calm and stress free.

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They also say that debt settlement is a better option.

For you, as the debtor, this also makes sense–you can avoid the stigma and intrusive court-mandated controls of bankruptcy while still lowering your debt balances—sometimes by more than 50%. – Source

But what they fail to mention is that in bankruptcy the consumer also gets the benefit of protection from creditors and collectors and may have to repay 0% of their debt.

They also go on to say:

Q. How do these programs differ from bankruptcy?

A. Morally, as well as financially and legally. A bankruptcy is designed to provide an escape from obligations and responsibilities. While legal according to societal standards, in our view bankruptcy is in substantial conflict with Christian principles: “The wicked borrow and do not repay…” (Psalm 37:21). A bankruptcy will have a negative affect on your credit report for up to 10 years. You will also have to deal with attorneys and pay court and filing fees. Most lending institutions will not even consider a credit application involving a bankruptcy. Our non-profit Christian-based debt programs are designed to help Christians to regain control of their finances and meet their obligations while at the same time bringing their lives into closer accord with Christian principles. – Source

In my opinion that is a very twisted point of view to validate the selling of debt services. Bankruptcy is a legal process that is used to reorganize financial commitments when no other reasonable solution exists. Bankruptcy also offers consumers legal protections that no other plan can offer. Readers may be interested to read “Is Bankruptcy Scriptural” on the question “We Made the Mistake of Getting Involved with Freedom Financial Law & Christian Debt Law for Debt Settlement. – Wand.”

The claim that “Most lending institutions will not even consider a credit application involving a bankruptcy” is an outright lie.

Most of the site appears to be nothing more than a marketing site focused on the keywords around Christian debt relief, Christian debt counseling, Christian debt management, Christian debt settlement, etc. On the FAQ page alone the word Christian is used 51 times. – Source

Q. How will my credit score be affected by my participation in your Christian debt programs?

A. Again, each situation is unique. If you are delinquent on your accounts now, our Christian debt advisors can arrange to have your accounts re-aged and reported as current. If you pay your bills on time but have too much debt, our Christian debt programs can help you to improve your debt-to-income ratio. By re-establishing a timely payment history and/or by reducing your debt to income ratio, you can improve your credit score. – Source

What! No entity can make a legitimate charge off disappear by arranging to have accounts re-aged. That sure appears to be a lie on its face value. And the claims that the debt to income ratio may be improved fails to mention that cards included in the program will be closed in the debt management side and reported delinquent on the debt settlement side. The information about improving the credit score is misleading at best.

Q. Will I continue to receive harassing phone calls after I enroll in your Christian debt program?

A. If bill collectors are contacting you at your home or at work, you know how upsetting this situation can be. No practicing Christian wants to avoid his obligations and responsibilities. As a Christian, you want to repay the debt. When you utilize our Christian debt programs, you authorize our non-profit service provider to be pro-active and contact all of your creditors on your behalf. Your creditors automatically receive written confirmation of your enrollment in the Christian debt program and will begin to direct inquiries to us. In most cases, collection calls begin to dissolve within a few days. Within as little as two weeks you can begin to answer your telephone again knowing it will not be a creditor. – Source

All original creditors have the right to call you and can’t be blocked by any outside agency. The answer here makes things sound simple and rosy, but if you are in a debt settlement program you should expect to continue to get collection calls and expect them to increase.

Q. Which creditors participate in your Christian debt program?

A. Participants include all major credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), department stores, medical clinics and hospitals, and student loan bureaus to name a few. – Source

Now this doesn’t even make any sense at all. Visa and MasterCard don’t participate in any debt management or debt settlement plan, at all, period. Visa and MasterCard and membership trade and processing networks which do not issue credit. And what in the world is a student loan bureau? That doesn’t even exist. If they are going to name a few, how about naming a few that really exist.

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There is no mention I saw on their site to talk about the lawsuits consumers in the debt settlement solution should expect or the tax implications.

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  • Samuel’s advice and sincere understanding was an answer to our prayers. My husband and I have been burdened by our financial situation and Samuel assured us that we were now heading in the right direction to financial freedom. I began the process with nearly $15,000 in debt, Trinity Financial Mission was able to negotiate with my creditors to drop the total to about $4,400. 

    I just wrote the check for my final payment on my last credit card and I am very excited to send it out. 

    Unlike Tim I went directly through Trinity Financial Mission and had no problems at all. After each card was paid off I was sent a confirmation letter from my creditors that the account was closed. 

    I have nothing be GREAT things to say about Trinity Financial Mission, I would recommend them any day over the bigger companies. Every time I called I spoke to the same person (Samuel) and I know that you do not get that at the larger companies out there.  

    Because of how Trinity helped us resolve our debt issue I am fairly certain that when my husband and I pass on we will now be able to leave our grandchildren something to start their lives with. 

    If you are looking for the best debt settlement company you don’t have to look any further then the people at Trinity Financial Mission.

    God Bless!


  • Here is one of their current ads from google. I wonder what the FTC would think of these statements….

    Christian Debt Relief
    No Up Front Fees! Cut Your Total Up To 70%
    & Be Free In 24-36 Months

    They also say this on their website.

    Credit Card Settlement Will Save You
    Money! TAKE This Credit Settlement Advice & We Quickly
    ELIMINATE Your Credit Collection

    and the claims of savings up to 80% are over top, even by pre-telemarketing rule amendment standards.

    . Who are your creditors?
    We consistently save clients 40% to 80% on each balance. YES up to
    80% depending on which credit card settlement company is targeted!

    5. Here’s The Facts On Getting
    40% to 80% Off Your Credit Card Settlement!

    Our clients have described us as:”The Debt Emergency Service” …we
    save people time, energy and worry of having to deal with debt on their
    own…. Ex-Collection Agents are THE ONLY Negotiators Calling YOUR
    Creditors Back…They know what to say in the exact moment to settle your
    unsecured bills for pennies on the dollar. That’s what matters and
    that’s exactly what we do for you FAST!

  • They are a scam. They take the money and don’t pay on your debts. We had horrible medical expenses and we needed help. We believed them b/c we found them on a trusted Christian money site. Liars. We finally got some money back from them today. HALF of what we paid them. they said the rest was theirs due to ADMINISTRATIVE FEES. Not sure what they administered- out of 100 medical bills, they made small partial payments to about 3. God has a special place for them.

  • They are a scam. They take the money and don’t pay on your debts. We had horrible medical expenses and we needed help. We believed them b/c we found them on a trusted Christian money site. Liars. We finally got some money back from them today. HALF of what we paid them. they said the rest was theirs due to ADMINISTRATIVE FEES. Not sure what they administered- out of 100 medical bills, they made small partial payments to about 3. God has a special place for them.

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