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Guardian Credit Services, Green Credit Solutions, Green Credit Services, Erickson Law Group, Green Credit Law and PacWest Funding. Idiots.

Guardian Credit Services, Green Credit Solutions, Green Credit Services, Erickson Law Group, Green Credit Law and PacWest Funding had been operating in California and claiming that their loan modification and foreclosure rescue service were somehow handled by one or more attorneys. They were not.

In January, 2010 the California bar shut down the companies, seized client files, terminated phone and computer services, and attempted to protect consumers that had been defrauded.

A court hearing is scheduled Wednesday for two men whose loan modification business was shut down by the State Bar and the Orange County Superior Court because they falsely claimed the business was supervised by attorneys.

Curtis Melone and Christopher Fox, who operated under such business names as Guardian Credit Services, Green Credit Solutions, Green Credit Services, Erickson Law Group, Green Credit Law and PacWest Funding , must show why the shutdown should not be made permanent at a 1:30 hearing in Department 31 of the Orange County Superior Court on Jan. 13.

The court, which issued the shutdown order on Dec. 21, and the State Bar acted in accordance with a state law allowing takeover of businesses of nonlawyers who portray themselves as attorneys.

Fox, 35, of Redondo Beach, and Melone, 35, of Huntington Beach, promised homeowners facing foreclosure that they could help with loan modifications. Complaints to the bar and other state agencies indicated the men did nothing to help clients while also misleading the clients to believe that services would be performed or supervised by an attorney.

After working with the California Department of Justice, the California Department of Real Estate and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, State Bar investigators and prosecutors seized client files, terminated phone and computer services and posted notices to clients and the public about the shutdown.

All officers, principals and employees of the businesses were ordered to cease and desist from holding themselves out as attorneys.

Since last March, the State Bar has aggressively sought to stop loan modification fraud by lawyers and to shut down the offices of people offering foreclosure services who represent themselves as lawyers. Thirteen attorneys have resigned in the wake of investigations by the State Bar Task Force on Loan Modification and six businesses have been closed.

Section 6126.3 of the Business and Professions Code gives authority to a superior court, on its own motion or upon application of the State Bar, to assume jurisdiction of the business of a person who is not a lawyer.

Assumption of a law practice by a Superior Court is based upon the court finding that a person has engaged in the practice of law without being an active member of the State Bar or otherwise authorized to practice in California and that the interest of a client or interested person or entity will be prejudiced if the court does not assume jurisdiction. – Source

The lot of them, Jeffrey Chiuminatta, Curtis Melone, Christopher Fox and Brian La Ruffa were issued a California Desist and Refrain Letter by the Department of Real Estate in June of 2009. – Source

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  • I had a call today from Guardian Debt Relief wanting to fix my credit. I have no debt I was just tired of them calling me on my cell phone, so I followed up with their instructions till I could talk to a real person and find out who they were and where they were located. He told me their name and that they were located in Orange County, Calif. I told him my lawyer would be contacting them to sue them for ignoring the National Do Not Call List he said he would do it. We’ll see.

  • How do I get an address for Curtis Melone? I want to try and take him to small claims court and get my money back – A year and a half of stress and phone calls and missing work – Can you help with more information?

  • The article above refers to a case already decided… the outcome was to make permanent the initial ‘Interim’ orders, which was done.

    Curt, Jeffery’s California DRE License and the Corporate License for Green Credit Solutions were all just surrendered last week. PacWest Funding has no Broker or address, so that is just parked.

    Brian LaRuffa? He had no license to take, but he’s an idiot anyway… good call.

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