Woman Finally Admits She Cooked Finger and Put It In Her Wendy’s Chilli

Scammer comes clean.

In 2005, Anna Aayala was dining at a San Jose Wendy’s restaurant when she claimed she chomped down on a partially-cooked segment of human finger. The fast food chain suffered an estimated $21 million in lost business.

Her husband, Jaime Plascencia, got the severed finger from a co-worker, who lost it in an industrial accident. Both Ayala and Plascencia pleaded guilty. Aayala was sentenced to nine years in prison but was released after four years on good behavior. There’s one condition to her release: She’s not allowed to step foot back in the place that made her famous. – Source.

See the television interview where she admits it was all a scam and she cooked the finger before she took it to Wendy’s.

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