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I just had the strangest experience. I got an email from a company saying they would help me suppress a report that had been written about me on I didn’t know someone had written something about me on RipoffReport. Report Card
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I guess on one hand I always knew that day would come. If you write about enough companies and warn consumers about bad actors and debt relief groups that don’t seem to make good sense for consumers, you are bound to ruffle some feathers. I guess I finally did. So on the other hand the report is somewhat of a badge of honor. has been a destination that many people use, including myself, to research companies. Consumers that are unhappy for one reason or another go to and file a complaint against the company. In many instances it is a valuable resource to let people speak their mind about their impression of the services they received.

Bitch Slap
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In my case my Ripoff Report listing isn’t a complaint about any service I provided but an apparent attempt to bitch slap me in public.

So it is what it is, some ruffled feathers and some attempted retribution at me. I am glad I did have an opportunity to respond and set the record straight about the allegations made.

If you want to read the Ripoff Report about me, click here. And if you wanted to add a comment to it in support of my work and what I do here at I wouldn’t stop you.

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