Dental Visit and Smashwords

Well I have to get a crown on a tooth this morning. Oh joy. I’ve been dreading it. Not only is the crown expensive, but painful as well. If it could only be cheap and painful or expensive and painless. Best yet, cheap and painless. That would be a winner.

Yesterday I discovered a new service that will allow me to be able to distribute the books I have written in multiple formats. I have to say the folks over at Smashwords make it easy for authors to make their works available in all these different formats including the Epub format that will be read by the new iPad.

So far I’ve only converted one book, The Beach Misses You, over to the new electronic format but as the others become available you’ll find them over on my Smashwords profile page.


I had the most amazing dental visit today. The first part of the crown which included all the grinding and molding was totally painless. Awesome!


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