What Are My Chances I’ll Get Sued if I Stop Paying My Business Credit Card Account? – Tim

“Dear Steve,

My wife and I have about $40,000 in credit card debt. We both work for the same company and we recently each lost 10 hrs of work every week. Our household income was about $75,000 a year before this happened.

I have a business credit card from a business that I no longer have. I have about $18,000 debt on that card. This card does not show-up on my personal credit reports. What are the chances that I will get sued if I stop paying the bill?

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Dear Tim,

Just because the card is not on your personal report now either means you did not personally guarantee the card or they just have not reported it yet.

The chance of being sued is 50-50. You either will or you won’t. You can stop paying and wait for collection activity to move down the pipeline and wait to see if they press you personally. But simply hoping that you can stop paying and it will go away is a stall tactic and not a permanent solution. If you want the debt to be eliminated you’ll eventually have to deal with it.

What we really need now is more information. Who is the card with and do you know if you personally guaranteed the card when you took it out?

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