National Debt Relief Group Tells People to Go For Debt Settlement –The Easy Way Out of Debt!

With all the issues about debt settlement company regulation the last thing you expect to see is a debt settlement company sending out a press release titled “Get Out Of Your Credit Card Debt The Easy Way!” on April 25, 2010, just days after the Senate hearings on debt settlement. The press release says:

Make use of debt settlement programs for easy payment. There are numerous ways for you to involve yourself in to repaying your debts the easy way. – Source

National Debt Group purports to be a member of TASC and USOBA and I find it hard to believe that either trade association, in this climate, would endorse a statement that debt settlement is the easy way out of debt.

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Hell, the trade associations even admit that only 34% of people in debt settlement programs settle some debt. And the conventional wisdom of Attorney Generals’ is that less that ten percent of debt settlement participants settle all their debt.

So how is that the easy way?

National Debt Relief Group, you got me stumped on that one.

And then there is this National Debt Relief Group commercial below that they have on their site.

[flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/ndrg.flv /]

I challenge you to convince me this commercial does not fly in the face of what people have been saying about deceptive advertisements that look governmental and like fake news. Especially with the National Debt Relief Group using the American flag in their logo and the White House in the background.

On top of that the ‘Breaking News’ commercial they promote on their home page is not fair or reasonable. It presented a lopsided view of debt settlement as a credit rebuilding program. In my opinion, the commercial and statements made in their press release are false and misleading.

National Debt Relief Group Home Page

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