Are Debt Settlement Companies Being Told to Run For Hills by TASC?

I previously wrote about how I thought debt settlement companies might make a move into selling vehicle service contracts as the next big income opportunity. I made the connection through a conference email that was sent out promoting the president of The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC), Robby Birnbaum, as a leader in both industries. Click here to read that previous story.

Today I got a very interesting email forwarded to me at click here that seems to solidify my original opinion of where many debt settlement marketers are going to move when the massive profits and easy money are regulated out.

The email I’m showing you was sent from Max Bruck who is the principal owner of Find Your Customers. Max is also a TASC board member. – Source

Find Your Customers is self-described as “FYC is a member of TASC and USOBA. We support standards for responsible business and advertising practices as well as the Vehicle Protection Association (formerly the Automotive Warranty & Service Contract Association (AWSCA)) standards for Vehicle Service Contract (Auto Warranty) marketing.” – Source

Now as a TASC board member you would assume Max would be all behind the debt settlement industry and TASC beating the proposed and pending regulations that are coming the way of debt settlement. In fact TASC just sent out an email to members that was trying to convince people the debt settlement industry is still in this fight against regulation.

Here is the Kicker

Find Your Customers is also a member of USOBA and the overall relationships are very cozy.

Vehicle Service Contract Relationships

Birnbaum is the president of TASC and described as a leader in the vehicle service contract arena. Bruck is a board member of TASC and a member of USOBA. Bruck sends out an email promoting the vehicle service contract business where Birnbaum is the featured speaker.

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Okay, all that sounds gentle enough. But here is the kicker, the email Bruck sent out to debt settlement companies. It reads like a run for the hills the debt settlement industry is done, message and in part with Birnbaum’s participation and gold sponsorship of the conference it seems like he agrees.

I wonder how many TASC members got this email.

The Email

I could only fit the top part of the email in a captured image. Here it is.

Subject: Do Advance Fee Bans have you looking for other options?

VSCSS Vehicle Service Contracts Sales Summit

Text of the Email

Subject: Do Advance Fee Bans have you looking for other options?

Have you looked at re-tooling your sales room for the Auto Warranty industry?

Here’s your chance with the first conference designed to equip new entrants into the “Auto Warranty” industry with all the tools they need to be successful.

Find Your Customers is a proud sponsor of the Vehicle Service Contract Sales Summit
– With consumers holding on their cars much longer, FYC started investing in this market back in June of 2009
Leads and calls are abundant at half the cost of Debt leads
Earn $1,000 to $2,000 per sale with acquisition costs of $200 – $300

Also, notably, a familiar face is the Lead Sponsor, see below!

I did have to chuckle at the description of Birnbaum as being able to keep the “regulators away.” I guess he just doesn’t have the same juice in the debt settlement market since regulators are all over debt settlement at the moment.

It certainly appears that the Vehicle Service Contract business is being promoted to debt settlement companies that received the email as the place debt settlement companies need to re-tool their sales room for. Especially when it is promoted with leads half the cost of debt leads and up to $2,000 per sale.

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So what do you think? Are the leaders in the know running for the hills to get in on the next opportunity and trying to encourage debt settlement companies to start focusing on selling a different product?


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6 thoughts on “Are Debt Settlement Companies Being Told to Run For Hills by TASC?”

  1. I received many get out of debt offers and kindly asked the senders to stop. They persisted until I became offended and completed a form 1500 at the USPS. They still persisted and I sent the materials to the Post Office for enforcement and enforcement occurred. The USPS entered a show cause order for one of Mr. Birnbaum’s clients and he wrote a letter I possess. I question the legitimacy of anyone who does not have a privacy policy, who does not leave a person alone after that person asks to be left alone, and who continues to contact that person after being asked not to. Mr. Birnbaum’s response was anemic but he got the message. I am not getting car loan scams from FLORIDA. I have responded with form 1500’s right off the bat. I am tired of FRAUD originating from Florida. Homeland security is not just about what threats that arise from overseas but also is about stopping Fraud in the US. I am free to post a true statement and Mr. Birnbaum knows about having to respond to this show cause order because I have his response.

  2. You know Steve, that is a valid point about you using google to help you generate profits off of an industry that you clearly tell people to avoid, under terms and conditions and with comments but you still put up ads? It does make me think that you care more about building a site so you can generate money vs. really “telling it like it is” and say that you are simply “calling it like it is, etc.” You have about 900 followers (if that) and you constantly post these comments/blogs to build more user base and rankings – you are nothing more than someone trying to make a buck like the rest of them. At least be honest about it. No matter how “pure” your intentions, at the end of the day, you want to generate money off of this.

  3. The bk of us fedelis was in part due to the brothers using the business as there personal bank account. I believe they with drew over 100 M in the last three years.

  4. You clearly are clueless when it comes to vehicle service contract. Half of them alresdy closed down and the other half own the banks money for already cacelled policies. Only two banks that are financing and you better have half a million to start or else you will lose your wazoo. This was great industry when cost of accusition was in the 400-500 dollars. You might friend have lost all credibility pomotinh an industry which is already bankrupt. Ask US fidelis largest contract writer and now bankrupt with bank taking over their building. For tge record I got out of this industry last month. Only folks making a buck is lead providers.

  5. Steve,
    It seems you are out to get people in the debt industry and you have an ax to grind. What does auto contracts have to do with getting out of debt? It seems your site has turned into tmz for the debt industry. I read a great question from another reader that you declined to respond to, if all of the debt companies are so bad why do you allow them to advertise on your site and you profit from it? It seems that the very people you always bad mouth you make money from on every click. Your site helps a great many people but keep it what it is designed for not a slanted view because you take a great deal away from message. Because if you don’t you are just as bad as everybody you give your view of. Why not have an about you section? Your education and resume and tell us why we should listen to you?

    • Jeff,

      I have no axe to grind. I report what I see. I did have to chuckle at the TMZ of the debt industry comment. “I am not a lawyer.” 🙂

      The move to auto contracts just shows that part of the debt relief world today is only in it because it has been fast, easy money. Once regulation comes in, those folks will be getting out and moving on to the next thing.

      On advertising, I think I cover that well in the site terms which you can read here.

      An about you section is a good idea and I’ll think about it. Instead of me talking about me I had elected to let other people tell you about my work. You can read the testimonial section here.

      Personally I’m less concerned about telling you about me and why you should listen to what I have to say. As I see it I simply have a voice, an opinion, and a point of view built from the experiences in my life up to this point and not from some oracle. I’d rather let people read or hear what I have to say and then make it that part of the overall information they will use to make good decisions moving forward.



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